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Multigrain Vs Whole Bread: Which is Better?

Multigrain Vs Whole bread
HWC Team
June09/ 2015

Breakfast is considered as one of the most important meals of the day and any breakfast is incomplete without a toast. Toast is an inseparable part of any breakfast but it often becomes quite difficult to understand which kind of bread will be the healthiest.

The two most important types of bread trending are the multigrain breads and  whole bread. Although whole bread has been around since decades, multigrain breads are becoming the new craze among the people. While some experts have recommended whole grain bread to the adults, others argue with the nutrition involved in multi grain bread.

Comparative Study

Healthy Nutrients

Although multigrain bread might contain the nutrients of several grains, experts believe that whole grain bread contains all the necessary nutrients required by a human body. Whole grain bread commonly refers to the wheat bread. Vitamins like B1, B2, folic acid and many other minerals are already present in the nutritional bran and germ of wheat. On the contrary, multi grain bread is made up of barley, oat and wheat and combines the benefits of all of them unless they are not refined.


Absorption rate of the food by the body definitely matters because the slower absorption rates help in preventing serious health issues like diabetes. When it comes to whole wheat breads, they are absorbed by the body slowly which means that it prevents any serious health issues. On the contrary, multi grain bread is quickly absorbed by the body leading to many other issues.

Fiber Content

The amount of fiber in the bread is crucial as it supports in weight loss management. The whole wheat grain bread is rich in dietary fibers which ensure that food will remain in the digestive tract for a longer duration and thereby absorb more vitamins. On the other hand contrary, the multi grain bread has comparatively less fiber so whole grain bread is considered better.

Useful Carbohydrates

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and must be rich in carbohydrates so that the person gets enough energy to keep functioning throughout the day. When it comes to whole grain bread, it contains huge amount of complex carbohydrates that release lots of energy within the body, whereas, multi grain bread is full of simple carbohydrates that are less effective than complex ones.

Balanced Diet

Every individual is advised to take a balanced diet and if you believe the experts, at least one ounce of whole grain is extremely important for an adult. This balanced diet can now be easily achieved with the help of taking whole grain bread. It can be “whole oat” or “whole wheat” bread and three slices of whole grain bread will ensure the balanced diet of the person. Multigrain bread is not able to fulfill this need of the human body.

No matter how appealing the concept of multi grain bread may sound, whole grain bread is better for daily breakfast.

HWC Team

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