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Painkillers and their Top 7 Side Effects

painkillers and their top 7 side effects
HWC Team
May21/ 2015

When pain strikes then all of us think of nothing but to make it go away. When nothing works then the best way that comes to mind is to take a painkiller. While most painkillers may work wonderfully to subside the pain, they may have some side effects related to them.  Yes, most of the little pills can have certain negative side effects which may harm our health in the long run and can also lead to other types of discomforts. The following is some more information about painkillers and their top 7 side effects.

Some of the most common types of painkillers include morphine type drugs, steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-depressants and anti-epileptic drugs etc. the following are the top 7 side effects of these types of drugs:

1. Constipation

One of the most common types of side effect of painkillers is that they may cause constipation.  This type of constipation can be very painful if it is not treated at the right time.  It may even go on for a long time if you are on very strong painkillers.  To avoid this, you can drink many fluids like water and juices etc. and have as much fiber as possible through your diet.

2. Sickness

Sickness is another common side effect of taking painkillers and may be experienced for about aweek or two after having the painkillers.  Usually the feeling of sickness may go away on its own, but if it doesn’t then you must take anti-sickness medicines.

3. Decrease in Appetite

Many types of different painkillers also have the ability to make you feel a decrease in appetite. This happens on taking anti-epileptic drugs as well as anti-depressants. This may occur for a few days but you must speak to your doctor about it as it can cause weakness and tiredness as well.

4. Raised Blood Pressure

This is a less common and more serious side effect of taking painkillers and happens when you are on strong painkillers for a continued period of time. Raised blood pressure can be easy to spot as it may you feel uncomfortable, agitated and unwell. It must be treated as soon as possible as it is a serious issue.

5. Tiredness and Dizziness

Another common side effect of having painkillers is feeling extra tired, fatigues and dizzy. This is pretty normal and may subside after a few hours. If it does not stop after a while and you continue to feel tired, talk to your doctor about it.

6. Difficulty in Speaking

A lot of people find it difficult to fall asleep due to anxiousness or restlessness after taking painkillers. This too is a side effect but goes away in a day or two.

7. Raised Blood Sugar

This too is a serious complication or side effect of taking painkillers.  One may experience an increase in their blood sugar level and this can be a serious matter if left untreated or uncured. You must speak to your doctor about it.

HWC Team

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