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Why Are People Addicted to Junk Food?

Why Are People Addicted to Junk Food?
February17/ 2018

In recent study it has been found that after we taste junk food, our so-called cravings change from the normal food towards the junkies. Many researchers have proved that the look of the junk food is more than enough to start the craving in the human brain.

If we see any photos of the junk food which is full of carbohydrates and calories, we are attracted to the food and have a strong craving and can immediately divert the mind.

How Does Junk Food Play With Our Psyche?

Not only photos of food but even the packaging can distract you. Those flashy packaging manipulates our decision making process and thus attracts us towards the junk food. There have been researches that have been taken upon by different parts of the world to examine why junk food grabs the attention of the people and make them fall for it.


In different countries people have different food psychology. Thus, it leads to variations in the food invention and also the packaging which leads the product directly to the consumer’s eyes. These foods are full of calories and harmful carbohydrates which increase the fats inside the body and is a leading reason in the hike of obesity throughout the world.

We have seen that the food that the elders or the knowledgeable warn us strictly not to eat but that becomes the immediate thing to do for us. We get attached to the junk food like chips, burgers, ice creams, etc. which becomes harmful for our health and leads us to various diseases.

Though, there are people who seriously think about not taking in junk food and start dieting with the healthy products. But in those cases too few people can’t resist the intake of junk food. Cheese, hamburger, hot dogs, etc. are few of the foods that easily catch the attention of the crowd mostly.

As per the American society, the holiday season also makes a great impact on the food intake. For example, on Halloween, candy bars are a must, on Thanksgiving the pies are mandatory for most of the families and on the special occasion of Christmas, doughnuts and candy canes play a very important part.

There was a study which was conducted with undergraduate students of universities. The students went through photos of certain foods which are said to be junk food. Students were showed carrots and apples and it slowed them down. In the next phase of the experiment, the students were shown bicycles, it too slowed them down but a bit more from the first experience that they had. And lastly, the undergraduate, not so old students were shown the pictures of chocolate cake and burgers, and it was seen that they were slowed down to the last extent they could have gone. They slowed down thrice as much from the second phase.

The same researchers performed the same experiment with other students and the result came out the same. So now we know, there is a reason for everything that happens.

It is in your hands how you control it. Ironically one cannot have a healthy body and junk food at the same time!


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