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7 Reasons Why Having a Pet can Keep you Healthy

7 reasons why having a pet can keep you healthy
HWC Team
November24/ 2015

Those of you who own a pet must know that pets can really be one’s best friends.  After a tiring and hectic day, stepping inside the house and seeing your pet come running to you can totally make you forget your worries and stress.  Living with pets not only enables you to bust your stress but is good for the overall health as well. Studies have shown that pet owners tend to have better health than others. The following are the top 7 ways in which having a pet can improve your health.

1. The Best Stress Busters

It is a fact that stress is the main reason behind most physical and psychological health conditions and having a pet can act as the best way to overcome all worries, stress and tension. Those who own pets tend to be much happier and relaxed than others and this very fact also reduces risk of other stress related health conditions.

2. Good for the Heart

Pets can help you to lower down your high blood pressure and this further helps you to improve your heart health by reducing risk of heart attacks and other heart conditions.  Playing with pets can elevate the levels of serotonin and dopamine which are the nerve transmitters that are known to have calming properties, which further works for the heart health.

3. Lowers Risk of Depression

Pets keep one occupied and happier. It is a fact that those who own pets tend to be at a lowered risk of depression.  Pets help to deal with difficult situations better and certainly keeps one’s mood better, thus reducing chances of falling into a depressive state.

4. Can Reduce Risk of Hypertension

Those with hypertension can experience a significant reduction in this condition in just a few months if they bring home a pet. Pets tend to lower down the blood pressure levels in stressful situations and can thus reduce risk of hypertension as well.

5. Increase in Activity and Exercise

Bringing home a pet will mean you engaging in an increased exercise and activity.  Taking a dog for a walk, playing with it, training it and running with it can improve your daily exercise routine and may help you keep yourself more fit and healthy. This further helps you to lose weight as well.

6. Reduces Anxiety

Another health benefit that owning pets may provide is that it can help reduce anxiety levels.  The companionship of a pet can provide comfort, build self confidence and helps reduce anxiety on a day to day basis.  Dogs help one appreciate joy in the present and makes one feel more positive.

7. Pets Improve Positivity Towards Life

A lot of health conditions start due to a negative outlook towards life. Pets help us be more positive and this can reduce risk of several conditions. They make us feel good about ourselves and help boost self-esteem. They can reduce boredom, restlessness and loneliness.

HWC Team

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