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Pros and Cons of Blood Type Diet

Pros and cons of blood type diet
HWC Team
August03/ 2015

Blood type diet is a kind of a diet in which a person eats according to the blood type that he/she has. While this diet has proved to be effective for avoiding chronic conditions and aiding weight loss, it does have certain negatives associated with it as well. Like most diets, this type of diet too has its pros and cons.  Infact, a lot of health professionals say that there is no evidence that establishes a link between foods that you must eat for good health and your blood type.  Let’s take a look at both the pros as well as the cons of blood type diet:

Pros of Blood Type Diet:

Pushes Healthy and Unprocessed Foods

One of the main positives that is associated with eating according to your blood type or blood group is that this kind of diet pushes you to eat more of healthy foods such as natural foods, unprocessed foods, whole foods as well as real foods. This helps to avoid sugary and fatty foods which can be bad for the health and hence encourages you to be healthy. This is because limiting processed foods is a healthy thing to do.

Has Shown Great Results

One of the main benefits of following blood type diet is the fact that it has shown some great results when it is followed properly. People who follow it religiously actually experience many health benefits like weight loss and prevention of certain health conditions.

Cons of Blood Type Diet

Time Consuming and Complicated

One of the major areas of problem with blood type diet is the fact that it can be very complicated and time consuming. There are many things involved in following this diet properly, such as first knowing your exact blood type, then figuring out a proper diet that goes well with your diet etc. For example, Blood Type A is a vegetarian diet whereas Blood type O is a meat-based diet and so one.

One Gets too much or too Little of Nutrients

When a person follows a Blood type diet, he/she may receive either too much a certain nutrient or too little of other certain nutrients. This happens because food choices are really less for each blood type and this may mean dependence on certain foods for different nutrients, which is not practical and possible always.

No Support of Any Research

Another negative point which is linked to blood type diet is the fact that there is no solid evidence or research that establishes a link between our blood types and the kind of food we must eat for good health. This is why, following this diet may not be recommended by health practitioners or others.

May not be for you

This kind of a diet is not ideal to be followed by everyone, irrespective of their blood type. Due to medical reasons, health specifications and other reasons, this may not be the best way to lose weight and should be avoided unless you get consultation from a doctor or dietician.

HWC Team

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