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Put a Full Stop to Cravings with these Science Supported Ways

put a full stop to cravings with these science supported ways
HWC Team
April22/ 2016

Craving for different foods is a major obstacle between the dream and reality of good health. The problem is that we only crave for unhealthy foods like chocolates, fast foods, burgers, pizzas and other fatty and calorie filled foods. It is important to curb these temptations in order to march towards a healthy lifestyle. There are a lot of methods to control cravings which you must have tried and failed, but below given are the science backed ways to manage cravings. Read them:

Go for a Walk

If you exercise, chocolate cravings can be curbed easily. You often eat chocolates when you are stressed or anxious. Hence, a short 15 minute walk should be taken every time you feel like eating chocolates. It has shown that overweight people who take a walk every time they feel like eating chocolates have reduced their cravings to a great extent. Going on a walk or doing any other forms of physical activity can distract the person from craving for sweets, especially in case of people who easily lose the battle with cravings.

Don’t Stock up High Calorie Foods

It is said that whenever you see something, you feel like eating it even more, especially in case of chocolates and chips. Hence, clear all this stuff from your kitchen shelves and your office desk so that the lesser you see it, lesser would you crave for it. This act helps people think less about these foods and hence, refrain from buying it.

Play a Video Game

It has been scientifically proved that whenever you crave for high calorie food, you should start playing a video game. After your mind is occupied in playing the game or watching anything else on the computer screen, you forget about the cravings as the brain gets wrapped up by the visuals. If you get involved in the game, you will indeed forget about the cravings which you are facing and save yourself from falling prey to harmful foods.

Imagine Doing your Favorite Activity

Studies have shown that if you imagine yourself doing your favorite activity, like your hobby, you can reduce the cravings by 60%. You can also play your favorite outdoor game at this time or spend time with your pets so that you can divert your mind.


Meditation helps controlling a lot of things which run in the mind and cravings are one of it. Meditation helps you have a better control on your mind and hence, you can easily ward off the food cravings from your brain once you start meditating regularly. Meditation can be practiced by adults as well as children in order to overcome the cravings effectively.

Substitute your Food

Make a decision that every time you crave for eating something unhealthy, you will instead eat something healthy. It is indeed really difficult to bring this into action, but keep it as a goal and write about the disadvantages of the food you crave for and read it every day so that you can overcome cravings over a period of time.

HWC Team

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