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5 Common Reasons of Overeating and How to Avoid them

5 common reasons of overeating and how to avoid them
HWC Team
March16/ 2016

Food is an essential part of our lives which operates our body in a healthy way. But food can also be a serious trouble if not consumed in limit. None of you would like to become obese or out of shape, but the urge of overeating won’t listen to your wish. Apart from becoming fat, overeating leads to various complications like cancer, heart attack, insomnia, etc. Few of the common reasons for overeating and ways to avoid them are given below.

1. Emotional Stress

When we are stressed or depressed for some reason, we tend to overeat to comfort our loneliness or pain. In fact, many of you must have faced indulging in food when you are bored and have nothing exciting to do at that moment. 

Ways to Avoid

The only way to avoid this is by diverting your mood. When you are stressed, try to put your mind into something exciting, like that of writing or watching movies or talking to someone you trust.

2. Lifestyle Obligation

In today’s fast paced world, we hardly get time to sit and choose the nutritious food. We either never eat on time or we eat unhealthy food regularly. You must have eaten chips or cola while watching your favourite movie once in a while, but there are people who have made that their daily routine.

Ways to Avoid

You can always carry your favourite fruits, nuts and home-made food and eat them when you are hungry instead of fast food from the road. There’s no alternative to water, so drink as much as you can every time you feel like having tea or coffee. 

3. Countless Calorie Intake

Most people eat without counting their daily calories and thus the intake gets over the limit. In fact most of them are unaware of the benefits of calorie checking, and end up eating foods in excess that have high calorie count but does not seem so like banana, carrots, pumpkin etc. 

Ways to Avoid

You must visit your dietician or research on internet to know the amount of calories you must consume according to your age and height. Make a chart of that and keep noting your daily calorie consumption. This will lead you definitely make you more confident about your food choice.

4. Fast Eating

There are innumerable people who eat much faster than others. Fast eaters also tend to eat more in a given time than the normal eaters. 

Ways to Avoid

Although fast eating might be a habit, but you must determine the benefits of slow eating. When you eat your food slowly, your brain gets the time to register your body’s hunger needs. You will automatically fill fuller in smaller amounts than the days you ate faster.

5. Diabetes

There can be a possibility of a medical complication. In the early stage of diabetes, the level of your blood’s glucose and insulin increases, making you to overeat. 

Ways to Avoid

You must immediately consult a doctor and then follow his prescribed diet. Smaller nutritious meals, plenty of water, protein and fibre enriched diet are the solution to keep your eating under control.

There’s no harm in indulging or overeating once a while during special occasions, but making it a routine is dangerous to your health, physical and mental well being.

HWC Team

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