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Surprising Reasons that Screw up your Good Night Sleep

reasons that screw up your good night sleep
HWC Team
September10/ 2015

A sound sleep at night not only makes you feel fresh in the morning but also helps you to be energetic throughout the day. Though there are some known and common reasons like caffeine, loud noise, stress and others which are known to disturb your sleep but besides these there are some surprising sleep wreckers as well. So if you are one of those who keep changing the bed side in hope to get a good sleep, watch out for these reasons:

Sleeping with the Pets in the Night

There are lots of people who love to go in their bed with their little furry friends, but this might not be a good idea for a sound and comfortable sleep at night. Since the sleeping cycle of your pet is not same as yours thus taking your pet to bed may make your sleep harder. Moreover you may also get disturbed by the tag on the collar, paws and other reasons. It has been found that cats are more disruptive as compared to other pets.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disorder (GERD)

Having heartburn is definitely a nightmare and may affect your sleep.  If you suffer from the GERD then once you lie down, the acid can get back to the esophagus and lead to heartburn and other issues. There are many people who also feel choked, have sore throat and bitter taste in the mouth due to GERD and all this definitely becomes a hindrance to your sound sleep.

Medicines and Supplements

Though medicines are taken by people to give relief from various problems, but on the flip side it can also be a reason of disturbed sleep. There are various medicines and supplements like beta blockers, steroids, pain killers and others which may cause disturbed sleep. Various supplements like ginseng and vitamins like B12 and others may act as stimulants and cause vivid dreams which thus affects the sleep at night.

Reading Emotional and Absorbing Books

Large numbers of people have habit of reading before going to bed but books which are emotional and have absorbing topics might keep your mind active and affect your sleep. Thus reading nonfiction topics related to finance, self help and others at night are not recommended.

Smartphone Addiction

Another surprising reason which you may not be aware of is your smartphone addiction. Checking emails, social profile account and other information at night keeps your mind active and thus prevents you from having good sleep. Thus it is advisable to cut yourself from your phone an hour before you sleep.

Pain and Exhaustion

Pain and exhaustion are other two reasons which may affect your sleep at night. Even a mild pain like headache, pain in the back, arthritis and others may keep you awake. The pain signals sent by the body affects the sleep and may make you restless.  Though it is generally considered that if you are tired or exhausted then you will have a sound sleep at night. But at times there may be situations when exhaustion may lead to restlessness throughout night.

Thus watch out for the above given surprising reasons which might be hindering your sound and good night sleep.

HWC Team

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