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Top 5 Reasons why you must not Skip Breakfast

reasons why you must not skip breakfast
HWC Team
April11/ 2015

In our busy lives and in the pursuit to lose weight, a lot of people across the globe tend to give up on their most important meal of the day-breakfast. No matter how hurried you are in the morning before going to work, you must never skip breakfast as it is very important for you.

Many women do not take a proper breakfast just to shave off a few calories whereas many directly eat brunch or lunch. But these practices must be stopped because without breakfast, you are doing your body a lot of injustice. The following are the top 5 reasons why you must not skip breakfast:

1. Not Eating Breakfast Leads to Weight Gain

This might come as a shock to all of those who skip breakfast to lose weight. Well, in reality, skipping this meal and any meal for that matter is not doing you any good but is rather making you gain weight indirectly. What happens is that when you skip breakfast, you are on a very long fasting period after dinner the last night.

This makes you hungrier and leads to binge eating at the time of lunch. This in turn leads to accumulation of more calories and hence weight gain. Thus, it is important to have a decent breakfast and a light lunch to avoid this.

2. Provides you Energy

The body’s main source of energy is food and without having breakfast every morning, the energy levels drop down considerably. This can make you dull and inactive throughout the day and may harm your performance at work or at college. This is why, it is important to load yourself up with healthy food in the morning to maintain the constant supply of energy and activeness.

3. Good for the Metabolism

To keep the body’s metabolism running at full capacity, one needs to eat regular and frequent meals. Starting your morning with a nice breakfast can be very good for the metabolism. This in turn is also a good way to stay in shape and lose weight in a healthy way.

4. Good for the Heart

Another reason why breakfast is an important meal and that one must not miss it is that it prevents heart attacks and improves the overall heart health.  Skipping breakfast can increase the risk of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes etc. which are all risk factors for heart diseases.  Thus it is very important to eat a healthy breakfast every morning.

5. Improves Concentration and Memory

Believe it or not, having breakfast every morning helps to improve concentration and focus as well.  When the body doesn’t get food even after a long night of fasting, the mind begins to shut down and this may affect the focus and concentration.

One may start losing their ability to concentrate and headaches may follow. But having breakfast everyday can improve focus and will also help to improve the short-term memory. Don’t let hunger pangs take the focus away!

HWC Team

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