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Top 5 Reasons Why you Must Refrain from Drinking Energy Drinks

reasons why you must refrain from drinking energy drinks
HWC Team
April06/ 2015

The next time you feel like getting some energy, think of some alternate ways before you purchase an energy drink.  An energy boosting drink solely relies on sugar as well as caffeine to help you get through a busy day and too much of it can be bad for your health.

There are many side effects of consuming one every now and then and it is best that you refrain from them as much as possible.  Energy drinks may seem tempting and an easy to avail option but the following 5 reasons will help you know why you must stay away:

1. High in Sugar Content

One of the reasons why you must stay away from energy drinks is that they contain a large quantity of sugar in them. Sugar not only increases the number of calories you consume but also tends to cause tooth decay, suppresses the immune system and increases inflammation.

Infact, sugar is the main ingredient and some energy drinks consist of upto 15 tsp of sugar! Thus one must avoid having energy drinks as much as they can to prevent the consumption of so much sugar and artificial sweeteners.

2. Cause Stress and Anxiety

One of the most convincing reasons to give up on energy drinks is that they can cause an increase in stress and anxiety. Some energy drinks consist of more caffeine than it is advertised on labels and too much of caffeine intake can cause chronic stress and jitters.  It can also lead to a racing heart and this is another matter of concern. Thus it is important to either reduce having energy drinks or cut down on them totally.

3. Insomnia

It is true that you may experience a sudden surge of activeness and energy on having energy drinks but this may prove troublesome for you during the night. Energy drinks can cause insomnia and may cause you to miss out on restful sleep. This in turn leads to a disturbed sleeping cycle, especially if you drink energy drinks every now and then.

4. Mood Changes

Those who consume energy drinks regularly may also experience several mood changes. Many studies have shown that the frequent drinking of energy drinks can increase the levels of the stimulant caffeine in your body and this in turn reduce the serotonin levels. Serotonin is a substance which acts as a feel good neurotransmitter. The depletion of this hormone from the body can make one feel low, anxious and even depressed.

5. Taxes the Organs of the Body

Another danger which is associated with drinking energy drinks is that these drinks can be very taxing for the organs.  Your organs such as your liver, heart, brain, digestive  tract and the kidneys all are working in a fight situation and eventually get drained out from doing all the work. But when a person drinks energy drinks, the drink tends to trigger the organs so as to react as if they are in a dangerous situation.

HWC Team

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