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The Side Effects of Using Anti-Aging Products

the side effects of using anti aging products
HWC Team
May13/ 2015

Aging is definitely the most inevitable truth of life, and one from which no one has ever been able to run away. For most people, aging is the most unwelcomed change in a person’s life and is something most of us wish to delay.  But thankfully, there are a number of products which can, if not delay aging, but can hide it and make you look youthful and charming. There is no shortage of anti-aging products in the market and some of them include anti-aging creams, anti-aging serums etc.

While these products can provide benefits like face-lifting, eliminating wrinkles and fine lines etc., they may also have some negative side effects or bad effects on the skin and health.  Many research works carried on prove that some of the ingredients present in such creams are full of harmful chemicals.

The Following are the Top Side Effects of Using Anti-Aging Products:

  • Most of the anti-aging creams present in the market are laden with carcinogenic chemicals like TEA, DEA and MEA etc. which help to maintain the level of pH in the creams. Exposing yourself to these chemicals over a prolonged period of time can cause cancer of the kidneys and the liver etc.
  • Another harmful ingredient present in anti-aging products is Parabens which are useful for extending the shelf life of the products but even their prolonged use can result in skin rashes and other side effects.
  • Most anti-aging creams are loaded with mineral oils that can impede the normal working or functioning of the skin and may even lead to some undesirable bad effects including pimples, acne and others.
  • Often, it has been seen that usage of anti-aging products like creams can cause red patches, blisters and irritation on the area of application. These may subside after a few days but can look awkward as long as they last.
  • Those anti-aging creams which are perfumed or fragrant too may be laden with many types of harmful chemicals which can trigger allergic reactions and these reactions may sometimes cause permanent damage to the skin as well.
  • Some of the other common side effects or after effects of application of anti-aging creams include appearance of black and brown spots, redness of the skin and burning sensation on the skin.
  • Most anti-aging skin products consist of hydroxyl acids which may help to increase the permeability and this may make the anti-aging ingredients to get through. But due to this, the skin is stripped off its protective surface which otherwise helps to avoid the action of UV radiations from penetrating into the outer layers of the skin. Thus those who use anti-aging products are at a risk of sunburns and even malignant melanoma.
  • Some other common ingredients present in anti-aging products that may cause negative side effects include bisabolol, limonene etc. Limonene proves to be not just an irritant but also a carcinogen and is hence harmful for the skin. Even bisabolol leads to more risk of sunburn and skin rashes.

HWC Team

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