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6 Ways Social Media Affects Mental Health

6 ways social media affect mental health
HWC Team
October21/ 2015

Social media has become the most preferred method of communication for most people across the world. Not only does it help to keep connected but also to promote businesses. From Facebook to Twitter and from Google Plus to LinkedIn, social media platforms are definitely useful but also have several negative effects. According to various studies, excessive usage of social media affects the mental health of people and can bring about negative changes to it. The following are the top 6 ways in which social media is affecting our mental health.

1. Social Media is an Addiction

It won’t be wrong to say that social media is an addiction for most of the people. Many people log onto their social media accounts daily while some use it even multiple times a day. While some do it to get over their boredom, others may just be too hooked to it. For some people ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on their post may be like positive reinforcements and may make them obsessive about the platform.

2. Social Media Creates a Feeling of Comparison

When the lives of so many people are open in front of us on social media, it becomes natural for us to compare ours with theirs and this too affects our mental health. This may make us feel less about our lives as compared to that of others and may lead to negativity.

3. Social Media can make us Restless

Due to the presence of so many social media accounts and the constant need to check them, people tend to become restless and get agitated. When they are unable to check their daily feeds and updates, they may find it difficult to relax and this is another way in which social media affects our mental health.

4. Social Media may give Rise to Cyberbullying

More and more kids and teenagers are now using social media platforms and are at a risk of cyberbullying. This is a major concern since it in the recent past has led to suicides as well.  Parents must try to set an age boundary for their children as far as creating accounts on social media platforms is concerned and should keep an eye on their internet usage.

5. Social Media can Glamorize Alcohol and Drug use

According to certain studies, there is a relationship between social media usage and alcohol/drug use. Using these platforms on a regular basis can encourage teenagers and even adults to start using alcohol and drugs.  This happens because social media leads to peer pressure and may thus affect mental health as well.

6. Social Media can make us Unhappy

According to certain studies, social media users tend to become unhappy over a period of time as it greatly affects the mood and leads to less satisfaction from one’s own life. This may be the result of comparison with others. Those who do not use these platforms tend to be happier than those who do.

HWC Team

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