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Top Substitutes for Table Sugar that you Must Start Using

top substitutes for table sugar that you must start using
HWC Team
May19/ 2015

Sugar and excessive consumption of it does not only lead to obesity and tooth decay but also many other health conditions and problems.  Even on knowing this, most of us just cannot give up on it or reduce the quantity we consume. We still continue adding it to our cereal and our coffee, day after day.

Sugar consumption is on the rise but even sugar substitutes such as honey, nectar, artificial sweeteners and syrups too are rising as far as their consumption is concerned.  The following is a list of the top healthy substitutes for table sugar that you must try or start using:

Sweetleaf and Truvia

These are healthy sugar alternatives which are made from an herb called stevia which is found in south and Central America and is 40 times sweeter than your regular table sugar. The good thing about this alternative is that it has 0 calories and hence it has no negative effects on our health.  It does not cause the blood sugar level to jump up and can be bought from grocery stores or natural food stores etc. both of these alternatives can be used in coffee and tea by sprinkling them. They can also be added to fruit, cereal and yogurt etc. as well.

Whey Low

Whey low is a kind of a healthy substitute for sugar which is made using three natural sweeteners which are fructose, sucrose and lactose. Individually, these sugars may have high caloric content but when they are mixed together, the resultant whey low cannot be totally absorbed by the body and hence very few calories are present in it.  This type of sugar is available in many varieties like granulated sugar, maple sugar, confectioner’s sugar and brown sugar etc. the flavor and texture of this sugar is similar to that of normal sugar and it is also very easy to use.  It replaces sugar very well.


This is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol that is found in berries, corn and beets etc.  It is similar in sweetness to sugar and does not completely get absorbed by the body, thus exhibiting a very low caloric content.  You can use it in coffee, tea and even for baking purposes. You can find it and buy it at natural food stores.

Agave Nectar

Agave is a plant that is used for making tequila. When several types of agaves are blended together, agave nectar is created. Agave nectar is a liquid sweetener which replaces sugar very well and that too in a healthy way.  This type of sugar is found at grocery stores, natural food stores and can be used in teas, coffees and even for baking purposes.

Agave nectar is much sweeter in taste than sugar or honey and hence one must use it only one third of the quantity as compared to sugar.  It turns brown very quick on heating and hence when baking, one must turn the oven on a lower temperature.

HWC Team

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