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Know What are the Hidden Potential Health Risks of Sugar Free Substitutes?

know what are the hidden potential health risks of sugar free substitutes
HWC Team
October08/ 2015

Sugar free are the sugar substitutes and a food additive item that provides a sweet taste just like the sugar but has negligible amount of food energy. Such sugar substitutes can be natural or synthetic (artificial sweeteners).

Many diabetic patients, obese people and health conscious individuals have opted taking these sugar free substitutes instead of natural sugar to avoid excess calorie intake. However, researches have proved that these sugar free substitutes have side effects as well. Let us have a look on how these sweetening substitutes can bring health adversities.

The Hidden Side Effects of Taking Sugar Free Tablets

As everything has a positive side as well as a negative side, sugar free tablets too have a harmful side. Here are few sugar free substitutes and their harmful effects –


This is made of two amino acids – aspartic acid and phenylalanine. This artificial sweetener is added to diet colas, cakes and other confectionaries. The compound is two hundred times sweeter than sugar. It is ‘heat unstable’ and therefore is added to a food product at the final stage of manufacturing only, otherwise it degenerates to form toxic chemicals.

Though it gets a ‘green signal’ from the food regulatory associations, researchers have found that it has various side effects like heart palpitation, anxiety, migraine, nervous disorders, depression etc. It also has shown to give mood changes, panic attacks, visual hallucinations, isolation dizziness etc. On heating it breaks down to Formaldehyde and DKP, which are poisonous in nature, and hence it should never be used in cooking.


This is another alternative of sugar and said to be about 8000-13000 times sweeter than sugar and much more toxic than Aspartame. It exerts neurotoxin and this damages the immune system after consumption.


It is being used for more than 175 years and probably the oldest sugar substitute. It is made by a chemical reaction between sulphur dioxide, chlorine, ammonia and two bio chemical acids. It too has side effects like bladder cancer, eczema, urticaria etc. It is said to possess carcinogenic properties as well.


This is made from sugar itself, but to make it calorie free, it is mixed with chlorine that is again a harmful combination. It is the most heat stable sugar supplement of the group. It is about 6000 times sweeter than sugar.

Diarrhea and stomach cramps are the common side effects. It also leads to enlargement of liver and kidneys. Aspartame and Sucralose enhance your sugar craving of the body so much that you will reach out for sweets. It also ceases the capacity of your body to understand as to how many calories it requires.

Acesulfame K

Enough research has not been done on this sweetener, but the common side effects are depression and headache. Some case studies indicated that this substitute has cancer triggering compounds, which needs more researches to be proved. It stimulates the release of insulin, and thereby your body does not get the right satiety signals and might keep over eating.

Although these sugar free supplements are calorie free, but they are definitely not free off side effects. Very rarely they help you to lose weight, but they actually make you gain weight because they are chemical compounds and difficult to get absorbed in your body. Therefore it is advisable to use less quantity of sugar itself, rather than using the sugar free tablets.

HWC Team

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