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Top Summer Diets – Best Ways to Stay Fresh and Healthy Even in Scorching Heat

ways to stay fresh and healthy even in scorching heat
HWC Team
July20/ 2015

Summer season has finally arrived! This is the season when people not only think about shedding off some clothes but also some extra pounds. Eating light becomes the need of the season which also helps the person in staying fit.  Summer season is welcomed with a variety of fruits and vegetables which are rich in Vitamin A, C and lycopene. Here is a list of some top diet foods that one should definitely load their refrigerators with before the temperature goes too high!

Yoghurt Diet

Yoghurt is one of the best diets for the summer season. Bio yoghurts are easily available in the market and are considered good for health because it promotes friendly bacteria. These will protect the body from harmful food poisoning which is one of the biggest issues in summer season. Moreover yoghurt also contains important vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body.

Pure Veggie Diet

Fluid is extremely important for the human body in summer. Thus not only taking a lot of fluid in the season is essential but it is also extremely important to eat foods that have high water content in them. The summer vegetables have high water content which should not be boiled for too long as it will deplete the water content from them. Go for a complete veggie diet to stay hydrated and healthy!

Minty Diet

Any diet can be made refreshing and appropriate for summers with an addition of mint, which is considered as a refreshing and cooling herb.  it causes a cooling sensation in the mouth and must be definitely included in the summer diet plan. You can drink mint juice twice a day or add mint leaves to the salads and other curries.

Banana Diet

Having bananas exclusively during the summer might not be possible; but you can make this fruit a vital part of your summer diet. Bananas are considered as a rich source of potassium which thereby helps in improving the fluid level in the body. Apart from bananas, other potassium rich foods are also recommended during the summer season since sweat takes away much of the water content from your body.

Melon Diet

Melons and water melons have almost 90 per cent water. Thus they are considered as the best summer diet fruit because it helps in maintaining the water level in the body. Thus the water lost from the body in the form of sweat is regulated by eating these water rich foods. You can have a palette full of watermelons at noon hours. They will not only keep you full for long but also have healthy minerals and vitamins.

The above listed diet foods are considered ideal for the summer season as they are refreshing as well as healthy. To beat this rising temperature and blistering heat, try to incorporate rich summer diet foods which will boost your health and also help in combating the heat.

HWC Team

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