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7 Surprising Things that can make you Gain Weight

7 surprising things that can make you gain weight
HWC Team
May18/ 2015

If you thought that consuming high caloric foods and not indulging in exercises etc. could only make you gain weight, then you are mistaken. There are many other things that you might be doing in your day to day life which might be leading you to gain weight. Not sleeping enough, taking too much stress, consuming too many medicines etc. are just some of the examples of surprising things that might be making you gain weight. The following are the 7 surprising things that may be adding calories:

Sleeping Less

One of the activities that is making you gain weight without you realizing it. If you sleep routinely only for a few hours a night and compromise on your sleep and give your valuable sleep hours to other things like work etc., then this can come in the way of your body’s attempt to burn fat. Lack of suitable amount of sleep can disrupt the appetite regulating hormones and tend to slow down the metabolism.

Taking too much Stress

If you take too much stress and if your life if under a constant emergency than a hormone called cortisol triggers the dump stored sugar from the muscles and liver into the blood.  This lead to rise in the insulin levels which stops the burning of fat.

Not Considering the Food Packaging

Another surprising thing that can make you weight gain is not considering the food packaging. Packaging such as BPA containing plastic bottles and meats packaged in PVC plastic wraps may leach out into your bloodstream and may lead to weight gain.

An Undiagnosed Food Allergy

If you have any kind of an undiagnosed food allergy such as chronic digestive issues or rashes, then this too could be a reason why you must be gaining weight without expecting to.  Food allergies of many types might be making you put on weight and these must be identified and dealt with. These allergies can cause inflammation which may lead to fluid retention and swelling.

Keeping the AC on

Another thing that can lead to weight gain and that too in a surprising manner is staying in air conditioning for too long. Living in comfortable temperatures does allow your body to get warmed up and this can lead to gaining weight. Infact, research has found that this very factor is a culprit for many cases of obesity.

Having a Working Mother

Children who have working moms are more likely to become obese as compared to children with stay at home mothers. This is because working moms often don’t get to monitor what their kids eat and whether or not they have enough physical workouts during the day. Stay at home moms are more likely to encourage kids to be more active and physical.

Genetic Make Up

Yes, now you have an excuse for being overweight or gaining weight. Your genes can also be responsible for making you gain weight and be obese.  It can also determine where you gain weight and how fast do you gain weight.

HWC Team

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