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7 Surprising Things that can Result in Sound Sleep

7 Surprising things that can result in sound sleep
HWC Team
July27/ 2015

Our body needs ample amount of rest every day in the form of sleep in order to charge up and get ready for the next day. But unfortunately, a lot of us face difficulties with sleeping. Some reasons which may be responsible for this include stress, an irregular sleeping schedule, the influence of what you eat before sleeping and an uncomfortable sleeping environment among others.

You may try things like taking a bath before sleeping or listening to music but there are several surprising things which too can result in sound sleep? Want to find out? Read the following given points:


Melatonin is a hormone supplement which acts as a sleep regulator by affecting the body’s clock and telling it that it is time to sleep.  It works amazingly for those who may be suffering from jet lag or those who have random and irregular sleep timings. But it is important to talk to your doctor before taking this supplement.


If you thought that night-time lullabies were only for children, then you are mistaken. Lullabies work surprisingly well for adults too and induce sleep. They help us sleep deeply and peacefully and can have a very calming effect as well.  You can either buy a tape of lullabies or listen to slow and steady music at night before going to the bed.

Milk with Cookies

Having a glass of milk along with some cookies can  work as a superb way to feel sleepy and experience sound sleep.  This is due to the presence of tryptophan in milk but this ingredient needs carbohydrates to be activated and this is done by the cookies. Make sure you choose a low-fat variety of cookies and eat them in moderation.


Herbal fragrances can also make a person feel sleepy and go into a deep sleep.  The smell of lavender has a very calming effect and can help to reduce the stress levels. Lavender is found to increase certain brain waves that are associated with relaxation. You can either place lavender flowers in your room or spray a lavender spray on your pillow for the best effect.

Cool Surroundings

Our body temperature needs to go down at the time we sleep and hence it is important to sleep in cool room. For this, you can either switch the AC on or take help of an electric fan.

Luxe Sheets

Another surprising thing that can help you go into a deep and sound sleep is sleeping on luxe sheets. Choose sheets that are made up of a comfortable and soft material such as 100% cotton. Club these sheets up with soft pillows with luxe pillow cases.

Inhaling Through Left Nostril

Another fantastic yet highly surprising thing that can lead to sound sleep is to inhale through your left nostril while lying on your left side. This is a yoga method which is known to reduce blood pressure and induce a calming effect.

If you have sleeping problem, you can try out these tips to have a good sleep.

HWC Team

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