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Tips to Follow in High Protein Meal Plan

tips to follow in high protein meal plan
HWC Team
May22/ 2016

A lot of people do a bit of dietary experiments alongside exercise, in order to lose weight. It is generally believed that if you are exercising, you need to eat a lot of protein. The idea is to cut down on the unhealthy fats, and refined carbohydrates, and bank on the high protein foods in order to lose weight and build muscles within a little time. In such cases, it is important that you do not sacrifice your health. To follow the high protein diet, you need to know about the sources of protein that you can consume regularly to keep the nutrition intake intact. Here are a few tips for a high protein meal plan –

Tips for a High Protein Meal Plan

The best possible way to maintain a protein diet is to eat protein throughout the day and not at one meal. Here are some tips to plan high protein power meals.

Measuring the Right Protein Amount

The protein intake capacity of your body will depend on your weight and the kind of life you live. If it is a sedentary life style you practice, then, it is better to have low amount of protein, whereas if you live an active life, then you will need more proteins.

Choose the Right Foods

If you are following a protein diet you can eat plenty of food items which contain high protein but are low in fat or carbohydrates. Some of such foods are discussed below.

  • Dried pieces of lean beef or beef Jerkys can be one important source of high protein. This is cured meat, and therefore has a longer shelf life, than meat in general. However, it is better to check the ingredients to see if it contains too much added sugar.
  • Cottage cheese is another high protein food that helps to build your muscles. However, try to choose the low fat variety of cottage cheese, because you do not want to end up consuming bad fat. Also check out for the sodium content, and go for the lower ones.
  • Including some fishes, like Salmon, Sardines, Tuna etc can be a good idea if you are planning a high protein meal. Sardines and salmons content a humongous amount of omega 3 and vitamin D while canned version of tuna is completely free of fat.
  • If you are not allergic to shellfishes, you can very well include some crabs in your diet. The crabs are low in calorie, but high in proteins and in certain kinds of minerals. The crabs are also natural sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart and can lower the chances of cancer.
  • Peanut butter too is very high on protein content. If you choose the low sugar and organic peanut butter, they contain less fatty oil and more nuts. Also cashew nuts are good sources of protein.
  • It is okay to have lower amount of fiber and fat alongside this protein rich diet.

According to your weight and lifestyle you will need less or more than 100 grams of protein per day in your protein rich meal plan.

HWC Team

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