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Top 5 Ways to Boost and Improve Bone Density

ways to boost and improve bone density
HWC Team
July21/ 2015

Bones not just give shape and form to the body but also literally support it.  This is why it is very important to keep the bones healthy and strong.  Bones continue to break down and rebuilt all our lives but before we reach the age of 30, bones typically reach their peak bone mass.

This means that the body creates new bone faster but after the age of 30 more bone is lost than built.  This is why it is important to boost and improve bone density. There are many ways to do and the following are the most important ones:

1. Boost your Calcium Consumption

When it comes to bones, the name that comes to mind is calcium.  This is a mineral which is important for the development of bones and teeth.  Some good sources of calcium include cheese, yogurt, milk, spinach and collard greens.  Thus it is important to increase your calcium consumption through foods.

2. Boost Intake of Vitamin D

Where there is calcium, there is the need for Vitamin D.  The two must be consumed together in order to have the best benefits associated with improving the bone density.  Some of the foods which can help to improve the vitamin D content in your body include shrimps, eggs, sardines, fortified foods, orange juice and tuna etc. you can also opt for vitamin D supplements. Even sun exposure helps to supply the body with Vitamin D and hence it is important to get a sun exposure for 10-15 minutes three times a week

3. Get enough Vitamin K

Vitamin K is an important one  which not only helps with blood clotting but also helps the body to create or make protein for the bones.Vitamin K has different types of effects on the bones but the exact way it is helpful is still unclear. Some foods which are rich in the Vitamin K content are spinach, kale, broccoli and Swiss chard.

4. Add Potassium to your Diet

Another way to improve bone density is to add potassium to your diet. Besides aiding bone health, this mineral also helps to the muscles as well as the nerves to communicate. This mineral is also important to remove waste from the cells.  Many studies and research work have shown that high intake of potassium through diet can improve the overall bone health and is hence recommended.  Some foods which are high on content of potassium include sweet potatoes, bananas, white potatoes and yogurt.

5. Exercise Regularly

Make sure that you exercise regularly as this not only helps to keep many health issues at bay but also aids bone health. Living a sedentary lifestyle can put anyone at the risk of suffering from osteoporosis. Exercising regularly can have a positive impact on the bone density and weight bearing workout methods work the best. Some of such workout methods include walking, running, rope jumping and skiing etc.  Resistance training too can prove to be beneficial and effective for the bones in many ways.

HWC Team

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