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8 Ways to Curb and Control your Sugar Cravings

ways to curb and control your sugar cravings
HWC Team
April14/ 2015

Are you someone who feels like eating a chocolate or feasting yourself to dessert after every meal? Well, you are definitely not alone. There are many like you in the world who has cravings to eat something sweet. Such cravings are also commonly known as sugar cravings.

While it is good to have a sweet tooth every once in a while, having too much of sugar can be bad for your health and also your teeth.  Having sweets everyday or many times each day can cause tooth decay and may also add too many calories, thus leading to weight gain. Thus it is important to learn ways to curb and control your sugar cravings. Th following are 8 most effective ways to do so:

  • The first way to curb your sugar cravings is to know what harms it can do to you. You must research why eating too much sugar or sweet foods can be harmful for your body and how it can also lead to weight gain and even obesity.
  • Another way to curb your sweet cravings is to opt for natural sweet foods rather than ones with artificial sweeteners. For example rather than having energy drinks or diet sodas etc., opt for coconut water, fresh fruit juices with low sugar etc.
  • Another way to control the sweet tooth is to avoid having energy drinks and diet sodas as much as possible. Diet sodas tend to raise the sugar cravings in us which in turn leads to us opting for other sweet foods.
  • It is important to control yourself by distracting your mind away from sweet food thoughts. For this, keep yourself busy or engaged all the time and think of other healthy foods etc. Even then if you can’t control your cravings, you can opt to eat something else like a fruit to subside the craving.
  • It is a good idea to take help from a friend who can be strict and can keep you away from foods laden with sugar. Your friend can be a motivating presence who can keep you fixed on your goals and help you give up the cravings.
  • Reward yourself whenever you accomplish a short term goal of keep the cravings under bay. You can set weekly goals and whenever you successfully achieve them, treat yourself to your favorite sweet or anything elsethat you might like.
  • Try to join the gym or a sport. This is a good way to be more aware of your nutritional needs and the things you need to avoid to prevent gaining weight. As you do so, you will automatically cut down on the sugar content that you have.
  • Another good way to put a stop on your sugar cravings is to give in sometimes. Don’t completely eliminate sugar cravings but do it slowly and gradually for the results to show the best way. Also, don’t be too harsh on yourself as that can make it difficult for you to work your way towards curbing cravings.

HWC Team

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