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Suffering from Wheat Allergy- Know the Best Possible Substitutes

suffering from wheat allergy
HWC Team
September28/ 2015

Wheat allergy or intolerance towards wheat is a condition when your body reacts to the intake of wheat. Wheat allergy also differs from gluten sensitivity, so be careful while using these terminologies. Protein gluten is also present in other grains of the wheat family, such as oats, rye and barley.

If you have wheat sensitivity, you should look for alternative products which do not contain wheat. Some food products made of rye, barley and oats, may be helpful. Below given is a list of food products that you can rely on if having wheat allergy –

Foods that can Replace Wheat in your Diet


This grain is good supplement for wheat, as it has high nutritional content as well. It is called ‘Rajgira’ in north India and is a small grain which cannot be eaten raw. So it is cooked either alone or along with ‘jaggery’ to make sweets. It has no gluten, so is useful in cases of gluten intolerance as well.


Arrowroot is a starch which is obtained from the rhizomes of some tropical plants. It can be consumed in the form of biscuits, jellies, cakes, puddings etc. One teaspoon of arrowroot can be substituted for one table spoon of wheat flour.


Rye is a grain which is used as a cereal in many countries of Europe. Rye is used in making, Rye- bread, Rye-flour etc. It has low gluten content and has high content of soluble fiber, so can be taken by those who suffer of wheat allergy.


This has starch and is extracted from the roots of the cassava plant. Puddings etc. can be made from Tapioca. This works as a good substitute for wheat.


Corn also has low gluten content, and so is able to substitute wheat well, as it can be used in many forms. Flour made out of corn is widely used in many recipes too.


Rice is a very widely grown grain and liked worldwide. It is a staple food for a large population. It is a good substitute for wheat, as it can be easily used in different ways to prepare many types of healthy foods and delicacies. Even bread made of rice flour is also available these days.

Besides these Quinoa and Millets are also good substitutes for wheat. People use these cereals and corns when they have wheat intolerance, as these have either less or no gluten content and are therefore light on the stomach.

Wheat allergy causes many kinds of health issues, such as heavy stomach, arthritis, bloated stomach, depression or mood swings,joint and muscle aches and pains, nausea, rashes in skin chest pains,  sneezing, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea watery or itchy eyes etc. The main problem about wheat allergy is that if you eliminate wheat from food, it can rarely be reintroduced. So it is suggested to reduce the gluten content intake and watch the tolerance power rather than stop it totally.

HWC Team

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