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Know About the Common Scalp Problems

know about the common scalp problems
HWC Team
March31/ 2016

You will notice many people scratching their heads every now and then; which is not only embarrassing but also unhygienic. There are many factors that cause itchy scalps and it is essential to analyze the reason and then treat the problem.

Severe scalp troubles can lead to many undesirable consequences like lack of confidence, constant clumsy look, and distraction etc. Here are a few common hair scalp problems that you must be aware of and the ways to treat them:

Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis

When there is an overgrowth of yeast resulting from your body’s inflammatory response, dandruff is formed. This condition leads to an itchy scalp and requires the use of normal shampoos containing selenium or zinc pyrithione. If you tend to face an even more severe issue, then a prescribed antifungal shampoo, solution, cream or ointment is helpful.

Scalp Psoriasis

It is a severe autoimmune disease that results in elevated, reddish, peeling patches on the skin or scalp. This condition can be treated with over the counter antiseptic shampoos with ingredients like coal tar or salicylic acid. In case the condition persists, consult a dermatologist and use the prescribed stronger shampoos.

Loss of Hair

Hair loss or thinning of hair, both in men and women has become a common problem. Most of the time such conditions exist because of hormonal imbalances, iron imbalances, stress or even genetic risk factors. A dermatologists needs to learn the cause of hair loss in the beginning so as to prescribe the appropriate medicine. Alopecia areata is a condition that brings hair loss all of a sudden in round patches. It is an autoimmune disease where there is a possibility of your body destroying healthy hair follicles. Hair habits can also give rise to hair fall. Omega-3 fatty acids, iron and protein are good sources for good scalp and hair growth.

Tinea Capitis

It is a type of fungal infection called the ringworm. It is a common problem among toddlers and school going children. This condition spreads if hats, pillows and brushes are shared. Ringworms on hair scalps can be treated with the help of medicated shampoos or oral medications that are meant to destroy fungi.

Reactions from Allergies

Itchy scalps often occur due to hair dyes, eczema and atopic dermatitis. The allergies caused are found out through tests conducted by dermatologists. You should avoid the chemicals which you think are affecting your scalp.


Head lice are common among school children and are famous to cause inconvenience. In many studies the researchers have seen and proved that the lice plant tiny nits or eggs in individual hair strands. They stick to the hair and most of the time is invisible to the naked eye. Head lice can be treated by medicated shampoos containing insecticides pyrethrin or permethrin.

Hence, it is a known fact that if you keep your hair tidy and clean, you will be saved from many hair and skin related troubles. It also reflects your personality and proper lifestyle.

HWC Team

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