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Are you Ignoring the Common 7 Symptoms of Deadly Cancer?

common 7 symptoms of deadly cancer
HWC Team
March30/ 2015

Before you ignore the persistent cough to be just another symptom of the flu season, think again.  It is a fact that most cancer symptoms go unnoticed and by the time they are identified, it is already too late for some.

Infact more than half the adults have experienced signs that could mean cancer but only 2 percent of them really considered cancer to be the real culprit.  There are many signs and symptoms which are mostly ignored by people but before making this naïve mistake, you must reconsider. The following given are the 7 cancer symptoms that most of us ignore:

1. Persistent Cough

An occasional cough is fine but if it takes shape of an ugly hoarseness or persistent coughing then it needs to be checked.  If a persistent cough is accompanied by blood then this is definitely a sign of concern and must be checked as it could be a lung cancer.

2. Persistent Unexplained Pain

Most pains are not signs of cancer but persistent pain in a body part must not be ignored as it can be a possible symptom of cancer.  Persistent pain in chest could indicate lung cancer while the pain in abdomen could be a possible sign of ovarian cancer.

3. Unexpected Bleeding

Vaginal bleeding beside the menstrual period could be an early sign of cervical cancer and must never be ignored or taken casually. If you experience bleeding from your rectum area it could indicate towards colon cancer.

4. Unexplained weight loss

Most of us try to lose weight by effort but unexplained loss in weight without any major effort from your part could be a sign that must not be taken lightly.  It could be indicative of cancer or even other serious medical problems.

5. Persistent Chance in Bowel Habits

Another common symptom of cancer which most people do not pay much attention to is a persistent change in bowel habits.  If your stool appears different, larger or deformed then this could be a sign of colon cancer and is something that must be checked.  Even other changes in bowel habits and behavior must be paid attention to.

6. A Sore that does not Heal

If you have a sore on your body or skin which does not heal, no matter how much you try or hangs past the three week mark, then it may be time to bring it up with the doctor. Most of us have a habit of ignoring such signs which may mean nothing or may be indicative of a serious medical problem like cancer.

7. An Unexplained Lump

If you notice a lump forming anywhere in the body or find a lump changing in structure and size then this is something which you must consult with your doctor.  While it could be a harmless cyst but getting it checked is very important. A lump in the breast is the most common symptom of breast cancer and just cannot be ignored or taken lightly.

Thus if you are having any new and persistent symptoms or signs then it is best to see your doctor so as to ensure that nothing is serious.

HWC Team

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