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5 Promising Ways to Beat Diabetes Naturally

ways to beat diabetes naturally
HWC Team
November14/ 2015

World Diabetes Day 2015 is celebrated to increase the awareness about Diabetes among people all over the world.

Around 600 million of us may develop Diabetes by 2035. 1 in 12 people are with diabetes and 387 million people are living with diabetes across the world. One in two people don’t know they have diabetes. One person dies from diabetes for every 7 seconds and 4.9 million deaths are seen in 2014.

So, how to prevent this condition? Is it through food or exercise or medications or all together? To help you out, we have done extensive research and listed out the ways through which we can beat diabetes naturally.

1. Add More Vegetables to your Diet

Rich in nutrients, vegetables don’t raise blood sugar levels and add only few calories. However, starchier vegetables like potatoes, peas, corn, and winter squash should not be completely omitted from the list. Starchy vegetables give out more vitamins, minerals and fiber than other processed and refined breads, pastas and grains. Plan for three to five servings each day.

2. Include some Fat

Fat can help keep your cells healthy. Fat plays a key role in managing diabetes, but you should be careful while choosing the type of fat you eat because most of them will end up store in your hips.

  • You can add a tbsp of nuts, more of almonds or walnuts to a salad or soup or main course
  • You can also add a slice or two of avocado to a sandwich or omelette

3. Eat Foods Containing Micronutrients

Many natural foods contain micronutrients, which are organic chemicals with good healing powers. As diabetes may come with certain health problems such as heart disease, kidney problem and high blood pressure, you should eat foods that can prevent these problems from developing.

Garlic can lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Red wine can also prevent heart disease, but people with diabetes should not drink red wine regularly. However, you can eat a small portion of red grapes or drink a small glass of grape juice. Eating a bowl of oatmeal can also lower cholesterol. Also, the phytochemical known as lutein found in spinach and other leafy vegetables can fight macular degeneration, a cause of vision problems.

4. Drink Water Consistently                      

Water regulates body temperature, supplies nutrients and oxygen, helps in detoxification process, dissolves vitamins and minerals and saves the body from injury. Even mild dehydration can result in health problems such as constipation and fatigue. You can also consume milk, juices, watery fruits and veggies, soups and decaffeinated tea. It is better not to opt for caffeinated beverages and alcohol because they act as diuretics and increase fluid loss.

5. Eat More Often

Switch to pleasant but smaller meals instead of opting for three big meals. You can have more healthy snacks. Depending on the nature of diabetes, you should increase the frequency of food consumption. Work with a dietician to come up with a good diet plan.

HWC Team

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