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13 Major Causes of Hepatitis Probably you’re not Aware of

13 Major Causes of Hepititis
HWC Team
July28/ 2015

Hepatitis, is a condition in which swelling and inflammation of the liver can be observed. The reasons for this are many, not limited to medications, toxins, drugs, alcohol and developing antibodies against the liver tissue. However, there are few ways that can result in Hepatitis.

Sharing Household Items

Sharing few household items such as nail cutters, razors, toothbrush and earrings of an infected person can develop Hepatitis since these can contain small amounts of blood that may transmit infection.

Tattoos and Body Piercings

Getting a tattoo or a body piercing can increase your risk of developing hepatitis since they do not use fresh and sterilized needles while marking. This can transmit virus from one person to other person.


Acupuncture is a popular Chinese medicine that can relive you from certain health issues but the treatment involves the usage of needles, which in turn might put you at the risk of developing hepatitis.

Perinatal Transmission

A women infected with hepatitis virus can pass it on to their children while giving birth.

Organ Donation

Organ Donation is associated with the risk of hepatitis if the organs are not screened beforehand.

Contact with Infected Blood

Healthcare practitioners while drawing blood or other bodily fluids from an infected person can also develop hepatitis.


Frequent medications when given in high doses can affect liver leading to inflammation. Combining such medications with alcohol can worsen and increase the risk of developing hepatitis.

Unsterilized Needles

Sharing unsterilized needles such as a syringe or intravenous drug equipment with a hepatitis-infected person is the most common cause for developing hepatitis.

Transfusion of Blood

Blood transfusion is the most prevalent cause of developing hepatitis. You need to make sure that the blood you receive during transfusion is screened for hepatitis.

Sexual Intercourse

Having sex with an infected person is the most common route of transmitting the hepatitis B virus. Anal sex or oral to anal contact might also spread the hepatitis A virus. Chances of developing hepatitis in Homosexual men are extremely high.

Contaminated Food and Water

Intake of contaminated water or food cooked in such water may increase your risk of developing hepatitis A. It is one of the foodborne or waterborne illnesses that can be prevented by vaccination.

Unclean Hands

Hepatitis A can be transmitted from an infected person who doesn’t wash their hands after using the bathroom or changing a baby’s diaper. Frequent hand washing is important to prevent Hepatitis infectious virus.


Excessive consumption of alcohol for a long period can lead to inflammation of the liver, which may in turn cause alcoholic hepatitis. Continued drinking can result in additional health problems such as cirrhosis of the liver or liver failure.

Therefore, the above mentioned are the few major causes of hepatitis. You need to make sure that all these aspects should be taken care of to avoid hepatitis.

HWC Team

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