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Curing Constipation with Simple Home Remedies

Curing constipation with simple home remedies
HWC Team
January11/ 2016

Constipation, one of the most common digestive disorders that define difficulty in passing stools; if you strain too much to pass out the excessively hard stools, the rectum area might bleed as well. This disorder can affect any gender at any age, even newborns can have constipation! Some common symptoms of constipation are bloated abdomen, bad breath, acidity, abnormally small or large stools, loss of appetite, headache, acne, depression, and mouth ulcer.

The primary causes for constipation are insufficient water intake, sedentary life, poor diet, irregular defecation habit, weak abdominal muscles, haemorrhoids and stress. Some medications can also cause constipation. Apart from laxatives, there are some home remedies that can cure constipation effectively. These are harmless and also readily available and below given is the list of these effective remedies.

Sesame Seeds

These seeds have an oily composition that act as moisturising agent along the walls of the intestines and helps to bring out stools easily. If hard stools are a problem for you, sesame seeds can be of great help. You can add a handful of these seeds in your diet anyhow, like in cereals, or salads or grind them and sprinkle over the dishes like seasoning.


Take one teaspoon of blackstrap molasses every day at bed time. This helps to clear out bowels every morning without much effort. Blackstrap molasses are boiled and concentrated with tightened density three times; it is rich in significant vitamins and minerals. The magnesium content in blackstrap molasses particularly help in relieving your constipation.


A time honoured method of treating constipation is including loads of fibres in your diet. They act like pipe cleaners and wash out the food and waste particles effectively from the digestive tract once they get soaked up in water. Fibres make your stool bulky and make your GI tract muscular and strong so that it allows the stool to pass on with pressure. The ideal intake of fibre every day is measured at 20 to 35 grams a day for regular bowels. Increase the intake of foods like vegetables, oatmeal, almonds, lentils, barley, beans, bran cereals, fresh and dried fruits. When you are taking in additional fibre, your water intake should be almost double to keep the stools soft.

Mint or Ginger Tea

Some of the digestive problems can be miraculously treated by drinking mint or ginger tea twice a day. Peppermint has high amounts of menthol that gives an antispasmodic effect to relax the muscles of the digestive tract. On the other hand, the herb ginger gives a warming effect inside your body to generate more heat and speeds up sluggish digestion. You can prefer Dandelion tea; this herb is a gentle laxative and also a detoxifier.

Lemon Water

Lemon juice has citric acid, which is a stimulant for your digestive system and effectively flushes out toxins from your body. Squeeze out fresh lemon juice to a glass of water every morning and drink it warm. You can also add lemon to tea that acts as a natural remedy to your constipation but also that it helps you drink more water each day, which will improve your long-term digestion.

Apart from these home remedies, there are many more to cure constipation at home like popping up few raisins every morning, taking fibre rich fruits like prunes, take few spoons of castor oil through dishes or by mixing in milk, and above all get involved in regular physical exercise.

HWC Team

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