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Deal with Mental Disorders by Understanding them Perfectly!

deal with mental disorders by understanding them perfectly
HWC Team
April27/ 2016

Mental disorders are an imbalance in the emotional, psychological and chemical well-being in our mind. The way we feel, act and think changes after we suffer from mental disorders and mental health can vary over different circumstances.

Every one in five people have some kind of mental disorder. Some people have it at noticeable extent while in some people, it is not really noticeable but because it exists, it needs to be dealt with effectively. Look at the ways to understand different common mental disorders and the ways to deal with it.


When someone feels sad for a very long time, the person might be suffering from depression. Feeling helpless or hopeless, lack of energy, losing interest in favorite hobbies, changes in sleeping timings, anxiety and changes in appetite can be the symptoms of depression. If someone close to you is showing these signs, you can deal with this by trying to talk to the person and get to know the exact cause of it, and try to help in the situation.

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

OCD is an anxiety disorder which is characterized with obsession for repeating different actions like cleaning, counting, rechecking things, washing hands or having a bath. People with OCD are never satisfied no matter how many times they perform the same action. If you see anyone doing repetitive actions this way, you can deal with it by taking the person to a psychiatrist or motivating him to start meditation.

Panic Disorder

It is a type of anxiety disorder where people panic over really small situations and these panic attacks get serious because of further symptoms like chest pain, dizziness and difficulty in breathing. It is easily treatable but for that, the patient needs to get the right amount of relaxation. You can take the patient on a weekend break to a calm and quiet place and if the disorder goes beyond control, visit to a psychiatrist is a must.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

People suffering from ADHD often become hyperactive, do unnecessary actions or talk a lot in order to seek attention. They also tend to daydream a lot more than others and people suffering from this need the right counseling from friends, family or teachers. People with ADHD get easily affected when they are left lonely and hence, make sure that you always talk to them and help them cope up with the symptoms.


People with Schizophrenia often suffer from confused speech and constant delusions where they think things about themselves which someone else does not. These patients also claim to see patterns and hear different voices out of nowhere. This illness is often thought to be possession by spirits in our country and hence, it is very important for the patient to seek the right help. With meditation and support from family and friends, the intensity of Schizophrenia can be reduced. If the patient is not able to stop hallucinating even after this, help from a psychiatrist is needed.

HWC Team

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