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Excellent Home remedies for Pneumonia

excellent home remedies for pneumonia
HWC Team
May12/ 2016

Pneumonia is caused by an infection in lungs and fungi, bacteria or viruses are the major source of causing Pneumonia. In pneumonia there is an inflammation along the air sacs of lungs, or alveoli. It is difficult to breathe because the alveoli get filled up with fluid or pus. Pneumonia can be mild or very threatening depending upon the percentage of infection. The damage that pneumonia can cause also depends on which bacteria/virus is responsible for the inflammation.

Pneumonia can pose a variety of symptoms but the most common is having high fever and breathing difficulty. Fever can be accompanied by cough, wheezing and stabbing chest pain. The breathing pattern may be thick and look like the person is suffocating.

Here are some home remedies that you can try out if you are suffering from pneumonia. However, if conditions get worse, you should immediately see the doctor.

Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus Oil

These oils have antibacterial properties that help in killing germs. You can use them to inhale as steam or even massage them onto your chest and neck.


It helps to build up strong immunity. Garlic contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties called allicin. The phlegm in lungs can be controlled if garlic is consumed. You can use garlic in multiple ways. Garlic paste combined with lavender oil, if massaged onto your chest can reduce the pain. If lavender oil is not readily available using only garlic paste will also provide some relief. Garlic juice along with lemon and honey will give relief in pneumonia. Inhaling the steam of boiled garlic also helps in relieving the congestion.

Fenugreek Seeds

This is a very common ingredient in kitchen and is readily available. It has amazing healing properties. Mucolytic properties are contained in fenugreek seeds and for this reason it helps to clear congestion. In also induces sweating and as a result toxins are released. You can use fenugreek seeds to make tea and consume along with ginger and pinch of cayenne pepper with little honey.

Sesame Seeds

Another easy to find kitchen ingredient, which can act as an expectorant. Sesame seeds along with flax seed can be boiled with a cup of water, once strained you can add honey and a pinch of salt.

Cayenne Pepper

This aid in releasing of mucous thus, clearing the respiratory system. Cayenne pepper has high capsaicin and has abundant beta carotene. You can consume cayenne pepper with carrot juice or lemon juice.

Vegetable Juice

They are very good for health. Freshly prepared vegetable juice with carrot, beet, and cucumber along with other vegetables can give a speedy recovery.

We advise you not to take pneumonia lightly and start taking precautions from first day. Our kitchen has plenty of spices that have amazing medicinal properties. Make best use of the readily available ingredients and cure yourself. However, if symptoms and illness persists it is recommended to visit a doctor immediately to seek proper treatment and advice.

HWC Team

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