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Top 7 Risk Factors of Lung Cancer Besides Smoking

Causes of lung cancer besides smoking
HWC Team
August05/ 2015

Though there are many different types of cancers prevalent in the world, lung cancer is extremely common especially in United Kingdom. It is considered to be the second most common cancers in United Kingdom. Undoubtedly, smoking is the most common factor for developing lung cancer in a person. Active as well as passive smokers stand a huge risk of developing this cancer in their body. Lung cancer in passive smokers depends on the amount of smoke they are exposed to.

But there are other risk factors also which are responsible for lung cancer to sprout in a human. Below given is a list of the same:

1. Radioactive Gas Exposure

Radioactive gas builds up from the amount of uranium present around you. It can also sprout up in homes and buildings. Work places can also have a lot of exposure to this gas. It is widely known as Radon gas. Uranium present in soils and rocks emit out this gas in huge quantities. People who are exposed to this gas stand huge chances of getting lung cancer. But people who smoke in this environment cannot stay away from developing this form of cancer.

2. Pollution in Air

Air pollution also causes lung cancer. In a country like India, where there are huge amounts of vehicles on the roads, people are more prone to develop lung cancer. The government therefore, has to keep a steady check on the pollution control of the vehicles. Anyone working on the main streets or main roads is more prone to develop this cancer.

3. Low Immunity

The main diseases which lower immunity in a person are AIDS and HIV. People suffering from these diseases stand thrice the chance of getting lung cancer than those who do not have these diseases. Also, people who have gone for an organ transplant have to take heavy drugs and medication. These people are at higher risk of developing lung cancer.

4. Couch Potatoes

People who have less or no physical activities stand higher chances of developing lung cancer. Physical activities lower the risk of getting any form of diseases. So, couch potatoes stand a greater chance of getting lung cancer.

5. Insufficient Diet

Research shows that Flavonoids present in many fruits and vegetables lower the risk of developing this cancer. You should eat optimum quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables in order to stay healthy. But, this does not make you fit to smoke. You still are at a risk of  developing cancer if you are continuously smoking irrespective of changing your diet.

6. Runs in the Family

You stand a high risk of getting lung cancer if any of your immediate family members have had first degree of the same cancer. Chances are higher if a sibling had it rather than a parent. In a family of smokers, you are more prone to be exposed to smoke and hence can develop cancer easily.

7. Treatment to Past Cancer

The type of treatment done for curing past cancers also increases the risk of developing cancer in a person.

HWC Team

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