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Important Facts about Herpes

important facts about herpes
HWC Team
March17/ 2016

Herpes is a chronic infection which is sexually or orally transmitted from one person to another. Most people carrying this virus are unaware of their condition due to mild or no symptoms of the infection. However, you must know all its details to avoid it in the unforeseeable future.  There are basically two kinds of this condition

Genital Herpes

This is an extremely contagious infection that is usually transmitted through sex. The virus that causes this is called Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), which can spread throughout your body. There are high chances that if you carry this virus, you may suffer from HIV.

Symptoms of Genital Herpes

Although the initial symptoms might occur within seven days of your contact with this virus, there are times when you might have no primary symptoms at all.

Primary Symptoms

Primary symptoms include blisters on your genital areas or thighs. Women may suffer from vaginal discharge and painful urination. You may also face similar condition of a normal flu or fever with constant pain and sickness. They may stay as long as two weeks or more after which they usually stop to reoccur after few days.

Recurring Symptoms

Recurring symptoms are usually followed with an initial warning. The virus always stays hidden inside the nerve of your body if not treated in the initial stage. It might spread throughout your body with burning or extremely painful form of itching followed by the blisters. Women might experience painful blisters in the lower part of their womb. The worst situation takes place when these blisters burst into unimaginable sores in your genital or areas like buttocks, thighs or the rectum.

Oral Herpes

This is also another form of Herpes caused by the same HSV virus, but usually through oral genital contact. It almost has the same initial and recurring symptoms like that of genital Herpes, the difference being that it usually appears on your lips, gums or inside your mouth and cheeks.

The symptoms of Oral Herpes include fever, body ache, strange fatigue and irritation followed by burning sensation and painful blisters. These blisters erupt and form into what is known as “cold sores”. They normally occur near or inside the mouth area that makes it impossible for you to drink, eat, swallow or talk freely. This infection at times spread till the neck which might lead to aching throat with unbearable ulcers.


There are various drugs to treat herpes; the physician would be the best person to suggest the right name. However, you must rush to your doctor if you experience any symptom of genital or oral herpes. Your doctor will prescribe you either oral drugs to consume on your next outbreak or he might give you a daily dose to suppress the reappearance of such sores. The doctor might advise to treat your spouse also for the same.

Apart from medicinal treatments, you must be careful about having safe and protected sexual intercourse and if there are any signs or symptoms of the disease, visit your doctor immediately.

HWC Team

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