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Feeling Constipated? Know Some Surprising Causes

feeling constipated
HWC Team
September08/ 2015

Constipation also known as costiveness is a common problem that you experience in passing your bowels. Generally, a person feel constipated when he or she has dry, small and very hard bowel movement. When your bowel movement is inadequate, incomplete and infrequent, you should know the reasons and the causes behind it.

Though majority of us are well aware about the common reasons of constipation but there are some other causes as well which you might not be aware of. Below given is a list of some surprising causes that can lead to constipation.

Few Drugs and Medication

There are certain medicines and drugs that directly or indirectly affect your bowel tract. The chemicals and the tablets that are advised by the doctors such as antidepressants, calcium blocking drugs etc are also known to cause the condition of constipation. During your illness, some prescribed medicine may cure you for the diseased/infected part but at the same time, it may result in upsetting your stomach, thus causing the problems of constipation.

Sedentary Lifestyle

The sedentary lifestyle of people these days is also one of the major reasons of constipation. The level of physical activities has decreased which in turn lowers the metabolism rate and thus cause the problem of constipation.


Pregnancy is definitely one of the most beautiful phases of every women but it also comes along with host of health issues like back pain, acidity, constipation and others. There is lot of hormonal changes during pregnancy which leads to various health issues and constipation is one of them. Moreover due to continuous growth of fetus, there is heavy pressure on the digestive tract, which results in the delayed passage of stool.


When a person grows older, his or her body ages and hence the bodily function also changes. The immune system of the body gets weaker with age and gets more prone to diseases. Thus ageing leads to poor digestion and immunization which further causes problem of constipation.

Excessive Use of Laxatives

Laxative is a drug that is used when a person suffer from constipation and it works by loosening the stool. Excessive use of laxatives can worsen the condition and can result in prolonged constipation and dry stools. Taking laxatives in prescribed amount helps to treat the problem of constipation but consuming these in huge quantities can further exaggerate the problem.

Excessive Intake of Dairy Products

Dairy products such as curd, milk, cottage cheese etc. consist of lactose. Excess intake of such products result in constipation. The lactose present in the dairy products accumulates in the digestive tract and it thus becomes difficult to flush out the waste products from the body.

So, now as you are aware about common as well as not so common reasons of constipation, try to avoid them as much as possible. Moreover adopt a healthy lifestyle including well balanced meal and regular exercise to keep away constipation and other associated health issues.

HWC Team

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