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Get Rid of Acidity with these Easy Remedies!

get rid of acidity with these easy remedies
HWC Team
April26/ 2016

Are you tired of trying antacids for getting rid of acidity? If yes, it is high time that you switch to some of the easiest and most effective ways to deal with frequent acidity. There are a lot of remedies which will not cost you a lot and help you manage acidity easily because none of us want to have the burning feeling in our stomachs forever. Read them below:

Eat Bananas

Eating ripe bananas can help you a lot in acidity as they contain high amounts of potassium, which is a perfect antidote for acidity. Bananas can help you cool down the burning sensation which is felt after acidity. Eat a banana everyday so that you do not suffer from prolonged acidity issues.

Eat Tulsi Leaves

Tulsi leaves are very healthy and help the human body fight a lot of diseases. Chewing 5 to 6 washed tulsi leaves can help you get rid of the discomfort which you feel during acidity as it has got a lot of anti-ulcer properties which helps reducing the effect of gastric acids.

Cold Milk

Drinking a glass of cold milk after dinner every day can help in preventing the building up of acids in your stomach because of the high amounts of calcium. Consume cold milk without adding sugar or any other flavor to it. You can add a spoonful of ghee to milk in order to make the effect more powerful. Make sure that the milk is cold and not heated so that you can soothe the acidity.

Saunf (Aniseed)

It is a common custom to eat a pinch of saunf or aniseed after every meal and there is a science backed reason to it. Saunf does a lot more than just acting as a mouth freshener as it has potent anti-ulcer properties which help the prevention of acid build up. If the acidity increases a lot, you can soak saunf in a cup of water and drink the water after 8 hours in order to cope up with the uneasiness of acidity.

Eat Jeera

Jeera stimulates the production of saliva which helps in promoting digestion and relieving gas and other gastro-intestinal problems and can help heal ulcers too. You can chew a few jeera seeds to calm down acidity or boil them in water and drink the solution after it cools down to normal temperature.


When you chew clove, it produces extra saliva which helps in beating up the symptoms of acidity. To get relief from acidity, chew the clove and keep the produced juice in your mouth. This will immediately lower the effects of acidity and give a cool effect to your stomach and throat.

Eating Pudina Leaves

Pudina or mint can help lower the acid content in your stomach and also stimulate digestion. It has a cooling effect which reduces the pain and the burning effect of acidity. Chop some mint leaves and boil them with water and drink this extract after it cools down.

HWC Team

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