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Powerful Home Remedies to Cure Sinusitis

Powerful Home Remedies To Cure Sinusitis
HWC Team
January14/ 2016

Sinus infection indicates inflamed and congested sinuses. There are many causes for sinusitis like indoor and outdoor airborne allergens, and also many dietary irritants like gluten, diary and artificial additives. If you visit a doctor for sinusitis treatment, he will generally treat you with steroids, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication, and sometimes even surgery.  If you are not willing to go for these methods then you can instead opt for natural and safe home remedies. Below given is the list of the top natural and home treatment methods for sinusitis:

Rinsing with Salt Water

To use this remedy, you would need a Neti pot and people with sinus problems should invariably have one at home. This is a handy little device which is filled with salt water and works into your nasal cavity and clears it out from unwanted mucus and the contaminants you have inhaled if any. For optimum relief you should clean your nasal cavity with this Neti pot atleast twice a day.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

This natural antibiotic is a great remedy for sinusitis. It is made by crushing and grinding dried grapefruit seeds and pulp and making it into fine powder. Then it is sold in a nasal spray form and this aids in clearing out the mucus and also takes preventive measure so that other microbial contaminants do not affect the weak and inflamed sinus tissues.

Turmeric / Ginger Root

Apart from using widely in cooking, turmeric and ginger roots also have plenty therapeutic effects. Turmeric has the natural element called curcumin, which is anti-inflammatory and also an anti-oxidant. If turmeric is added to spicy ginger root and boiled together in hot tea, this combination loosens up the mucus and relieves you from the discomfort of clogged nasal passages. This remedy also helps you to alleviate sinus pressure, thereby giving you an overall relieved feeling. Sinusitis is often associated with stomach upset and ginger root can effectively calm a disturbed tummy!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Take 2-3 tablespoons of unfiltered and raw Apple Cider Vinegar and add it to a cup of hot water or tea. Drink this every day at least three times and it will loosen the mucus to relieve the congestion and sinus pressure. You can also add honey or lemon for added taste.

Inhale Steam

To break up the thick mucus, you need to inhale steam to the fullest and this remedy works like magic. Add few drops of Peppermint or Eucalyptus oil in hot water and looking downwards over the water start inhaling strongly. Make sure that you have draped a towel around your back so that the steam does not get evaporated elsewhere.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil

This oil is rich source of vitamins A and D, and also Omega-3 fatty acids. There are many advantages of this fermented oil and one of them is treating the sinus symptoms. It also treats the auto-immune disorders, thereby boosting your immunity power and preventing sinus in long run.

Oregano Oil

Add few drops of oregano oil every day to a glass of warm water or tea and drink. This will overall keep your respiratory track clean and away from infections. This oil has anti-viral, anti-biotic, and anti-fungal properties and it also cures the associated troubles of sinusitis like cold sores, nail fungus, and dandruff. You can also add this oil in your steam inhaling solution.

Apart from the above mentioned remedies you also need to get a balanced diet, especially rich in Vitamin C. Fruits are the best sources, but you can also take them in tablet form to supplement the right amount. Drink plenty of water, without sugar juices, and hot tea. Take rest and keep your sinus cavities moistened with steam inhalation.

HWC Team

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