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Treat Migraine With Ayurveda

Treat Migraine With Ayurveda
February24/ 2018

Health-related issues have become a major concern for people in this modern age. With the ever-increasing technological advent, significant health-related issues have even sprung up. One common problem which affects one in ten people today is Migraine.

A migraine headache is the result of severe one-sided headache which results in sensitivity to light, nausea, blind spots, and vomiting. Excessive stress and anxiety which induces the blood vessel stimulation are of its frequent cause. However, as every individual is different, the causes and effect of a migraine may vary accordingly. It is seen in some people that prior migraine attack, they undergo visual changes, usually termed as an aura. A migraine affects most during the daytime, especially morning, but soothes by evening time.

Several remedies to cure a migraine have now come up. But Ayurveda, being herbal doesn’t cause any post side effects. According to Ayurveda, migraine is termed as ‘Soorya Varta,’ where soorya denotes the sun and avarta mean blockage or affliction. The primary reason for a migraine is Pitta Dosha. This result in the obstruction caused in the path of Vata Dosha present in brain and leads to throbbing migraine attack. Studies reveal that Pitta is active mainly during daytime and a headache is at peak; while the condition calms down by the dusk. Other causes of migraine occurrence can range from indigestion, exposure to sunlight for a long span, emotional turmoil, consumption of fast food, suppression of natural desires, having polluted street food, etc.

So, to relieve you from a throbbing migraine attack, Ayurveda has come up with certain therapies that can ease migraine pain and prevent its further occurrence.


Shiro Lepa is used in the form of herbal paste consisting ofsandalwood, camphor, andJatamansi, which is applied on a patient’s forehead.  Medicated oil is used priorly to heat up the body, followed by a warm water bath for feeling fresh. The curative properties of Shirolepais seen in a healing migraine and easing mental stress caused as a result of excessive anxiety.


This therapy has a relaxing effect on a person’s nervous system. Pouring narrow flow of hot oil on a continuous basis over the forehead, help patient to relax.  Ayurveda states that Shirodhara has an effective result on Vata Dosha and Pitta Dosha. Cow milk (Ksheera Dhara) and buttermilk (Takra Dhara) is used for this treatment.

Kavala Graham:

Ayurveda suggests pulling of oil, known as Kavala Graha for curing migraine attack. This ayurvedic therapy renders medicinal benefit from curing head to whitening of teeth. According to Ayurveda, mahanarayai taila and chandanadi taila have shown beneficial effects in curing migraine naturally.


Shirovasti, an important therapy formed by Ayurveda for healing migraine pain. Under this therapy, the outside portion of the head is enclosed with a leather cap. A hollow space is kept inside the cap to hold the medicated oil inside the cap for a longer span.

Sneha Nasya:

This therapy formulated by Ayurveda is done by using the nasal passage. Ayurvedic oils like anu taila or shadbindu taila are poured in few drops inside the nasal tract of a migraine affected person. This treatment eases the neck and shoulder pain, caused as a result of a migraine.

However, there are other herbs like yashtimadhu, Amalaki, Mallika, kumara, pathanwadi khada, and shirah shuladi vajra rasa that are useful to cure migraine attack. Ayurveda also suggests certain homemade remedies that can have a scintillating effect to cure a migraine.

Apart from these, there are certain guidelines that one should follow to avoid a severe migraine attack like avoiding frequent intake of painkillers, having an adequate sleep approximately for 7 hours, and avoid skipping meals as they can ignite a migraine.


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