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Depression? 5 Most Common Myths you Probably Believe in!

5 Most common myths related to depression
HWC Team
August07/ 2015

In our busy lives and tight schedules, we hardly get time to do what we love. Work pressure, performance pressure and juggling so many things in life at once can take a toll on a person and lead to depression. Besides these reasons, there are many other causes for this grave condition.

While in some cases, it is easily curable and lasts for a small period of time, whereas, in other situations depression can go on for a long period, even affecting the physical health of the individual. In such cases, one may need medication, love and support to treat it. Most of the people who commit suicide are depressed cases that have remained untreated or mistreated.

5 Most Common Myths Related to Depression

But even inspite of it being so common, there are many myths related to depression and the following are a few of them:

1. Occurs in Mentally Weak People Only!

The most popular myth is that depression occurs only in people who are mentally weak and are not stable. But in reality, depression can also occur in those people who are also physically weak and mentally stable. It can also occur due to physical complexes, bad physical fitness levels and overall low self esteem.

2. Depression Does not Affect Men

Women are more prone to depression but it does not mean that men do not suffer from this condition. Men too suffer from depression but the number of men suffering from it is lesser than women. The reason why people believe that the condition is more rampant in women is because women express their emotions whereas men don’t. Men try to wear a mask and hide their feelings inside them due to which this general misconception takes place. Infact in some cases, their condition becomes worse and it is a major cause for men to attempt suicide.

3. It is Genetic

Only 10% -15% people have the risk of developing depression if either of their parents has this condition. Depression is not genetic. In fact relatives of people suffering from depression are well aware of its symptoms and can get cured in time if they show any.

4. Antidepressants are Enough

People suffering from depression need to consult a psychotherapist. Only popping an antidepressant pill will not be adequate. A therapy by a qualified and experienced psychotherapist is highly recommended. A lot of patience, love and care are also required. People suffering from depression need to talk about it to someone and then only a proper cure to their problem can be derived.

5. Lifetime Medication

The dosage for depression depends from one person to another. There are no fixed medicines or no fixed treatment to cure this condition. It can also be a short term course of medicines and can be a long term too. It entirely depends on person’s reaction towards the medicine and the love and care they receive during the term of treatment.

Depression is not an illness. It can be cured if dealt with love and support from the loved ones.

HWC Team

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