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Natural and Home Remedies to Treat Ear Pain

natural and home remedies to treat ear pain
HWC Team
March02/ 2016

Both adult and children can suffer from ear pain, though it is generally the children who have pain more than the adults. There can be a number of reasons for ear pain, such as sinus infection, tonsillitis, earwax, but the most common reason is possibly the infection of the middle ear.

Ear ache can be terribly painful and may cause lot of other problems as well. Though there are various medicines available of the pain but there can be nothing better than home remedies which are not only effective but free of any side effect as well. Below given is the list of some natural and effective home remedies to treat ear pain.

Home Remedies for Ear Pain

For ear infections which can be cured naturally, home remedies work fine. Here are some of the home remedies which are useful.

Hot Salt Compress

This is one or the most well known remedy and all you need to do is boil some salt and place it inside the cotton. Seal the opening with a rubber band, and compress the ear area with it. The heat should be not too high, and bearable for the ear, else it can cause some problems.

Oil Drops

Using oil drops, inside your ear canal is believed to be soothing for ear pains. It is better to use olive oil for this purpose. Heat the oil a bit when you use it, but be careful that you do not overheat it, because too hot oil can permanently damage your eardrums. Test on a sensitive part of skin before you use it in the ear.

Basil Leaves

These have anti bacterial and analgesic properties. These leaves can also be used to reduce or cure ear pain. All you need to do is crush the basil leaves and draw out the juice and administer three to four drops of the juice in the ear. Repeat at least twice for best results.

Neem Leaves

Similarly Neem leaves also have anti fungal and anti bacterial elements in them, and thus can be used for ear pains, especially if it is caused by an infection in the area. You can crush and extract neem juice and put it in the ear. Or you can also soak some cotton in neem oil, then rinse out the excess oil and put the cotton inside your ear. Do remember to take the cotton out after a few minutes.


This is also an easily available item that can be used to cure ear pain. It has anti microbial properties which help in the healing of the ear pain.  You can easily make some garlic oil at home with some mustard or sesame oil. Boil a few cloves of garlic in the oil, stain and use the solution later.  Also, you can boil a few cloves of garlic in the water, and clean the inner parts of your ears by using a cotton ball dipped in that water.

Though these are some effective remedies but there is a possibility that ear pain might be due to some other reason and in spite of these remedies if you do not get any relief, it is better to visit a doctor.

HWC Team

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