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Natural and Home Remedies for Fatty Liver Disease

natural and home remedies for fatty liver disease
HWC Team
May15/ 2016

Liver acts as a filter organ in our body and is also the second largest organ in human anatomy. Quite obviously, if there are fat deposits in the liver, the filtering process would get interrupted.  Fatty liver referred to as “steatosis” means presence of fat deposits in liver.

Some amount of fat in a person’s liver is acceptable but, if the fat is 5%-10% more than the actual liver weight then it is a matter of concern. Usually fatty liver can be cured with some changed behaviors. Fatty Liver disease can be distinguished as “Alcoholic Live disease”, “Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease” and “Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy”

Drinking excessive alcohol may result in Alcoholic Liver Disease. But apart from being just alcoholic, hepatitis C or too much iron content can also trigger alcoholic liver disease. With respect to Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease there is no defined cause. Middle-aged and obese people are more affected with this type of fatty liver disease. Having acute fatty liver during pregnancy is rare, but if such a scenario happens it is risky for both mother and the baby. The cause for having fatty liver in pregnancy is mostly dependent on hormones.

Listed below are some of the home remedies that will help a person suffering from fatty liver disease.

Green Tea

Helps in reducing weight thus controlling obesity, which is one of the leading reasons for fatty liver disease.

Lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps to reduce the fat in the liver and also reduces liver inflammation. Lemon helps the liver with detoxification. Both lemon and apple cider vinegar can be consumed by mixing in water.


This herb promotes proper liver function by metabolizing the fat accumulated in the liver. Dandelion leaves can be consumed as salad or dandelion root powder can be consumed with water. However dandelion is not recommended if the person suffering from fatty liver is pregnant.


As per guidelines in ancient science, papaya is very good for liver health. Papaya fruit and its seeds both prove to be effective treatments for fatty liver disease. Papaya helps in burning dietary fats which is one of the causes of fatty liver disease. To consume papaya seeds you can dry them and make powder. Mix 1 tablespoon lime juice to the papaya seed powder and 2 times a day for 1 month. Papaya soup and papaya salad can also be included in the diet.

Indian Gooseberry

Also known as amla, it is high antioxidant and rich in vitamin C. It aids in removing toxins from blood. Amla can be consumed as a fruit or amla powder mixed in a glass of water can also be taken by a person suffering from fatty liver disorder.

Balanced Diet

Having a proper diet is the key to stay fit. A person who has been diagnosed with fatty liver disorder should include foods that are easy to digest. Have at least 2-3 serving of fruit and vegetable each day. Inclusion of flaxseed, walnuts, fish and broccoli in diet can help cure fatty liver disease.

Physical Activity

Regular exercise aids to treat fatty liver disease. A person suffering from fatty liver disorder should spend at least 30 minutes a day doing exercise. Exercise improves metabolism and also helps to control weight.

Fatty liver disease if treated properly can be cured completely. At times if a portion of liver is severely damaged scarring may occur. It is recommended proper diet and physical activity will help in curing fatty liver.

HWC Team

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