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Natural and Homely Methods of Treating Scurvy

HWC Team
May18/ 2016

The main reason for the disease scurvy is the deficiency of Vitamin C. In this disease people generally experience swelling of the gums and bleeding. Earlier, sailors who were deprived of the vitamin C used to have this disease, and thus it was also called the sailor’s disease. Scurvy also means general weakness of the body. Also there are many other types of malfunctions in the body mainly due to the absence of ascorbic acid. There are also some home remedies for scurvy which are really effective and below given is the list of them:

Effective home remedies for Scurvy

Scurvy is caused by the lack of Vitamin C in the body. It is generally seen among the people whose diet does not consist of green vegetables, leaves or fresh fruit. Thus here are some home remedies that can ensure that you do not suffer from Scurvy.

Green chilies

It may come as a surprise that the green chilies contain a lot of vitamin C in them. Therefore eating green chilies, if you can handle the heat is one of the best possible home remedy for scurvy. Red chili is also effective but not in the same way as the green chili is.


As it seems obvious; there is a lot of vitamin C in lemons. You can use lemon juice as a good remedy to get rid of Scurvy. Mix it with hone and drink a liberal quantity of lime juice.


Ascorbic acid deficiency is one of the chief reasons for Scurvy. Oranges contain a huge amount of Ascorbic acid and hence having orange can be great fighters with Scurvy. However, oranges being seasonal fruits, you cannot possibly have them all year long. But try to have a glass of orange juice early in the morning as often as you can.


Another fruit that is rich in Vitamin C is papaya. Have a liberal amount of ripe papaya which will protect you from the attack of scurvy.


Including potatoes in your diet will also be helpful if you want to fight the disease Scurvy. It is generally believed that of the whole weight of potato 17% of it is vitamin C. Eating potatoes in tomato gravy is a very good idea as tomato is also a rich source of vitamin C.

Raw mango powder

The outer skin if peeled and dried in the sun and made into powder becomes raw mango powder. Taking one spoon of it before every meal will effectively prevent the disease.

Indian gooseberry

This fruit is again a rich source of Vitamin C. In order to increase Vitamin C in a human body, crushed gooseberry and sugar mixed in the same proportion can be taken regularly.

It is important to diagnoses Scurvy through medical tests. Once you are diagnosed with this disease you can consult the doctor and also try some of the above give home remedies which suits you.

HWC Team

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