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Homely and Natural Remedies to Treat Ulcers

homely and natural remedies to treat ulcers
HWC Team
March05/ 2016

Stomach ulcer can be really painful. It is also known as peptic ulcer, or gastric ulcer, and is actually open wounds or sores situated on the lining of the stomach. The pain in the stomach increases when there is acidic element inside. There are several reasons that cause stomach ulcer; among them having excessive painkillers is one.

A lot of people depend on home remedies when it comes to treating of ulcers.  Enlisted below are some of the effective home remedies that actually work. However, sometimes the home remedies are just not enough, and one should visit a doctor in such cases.

6 Effective Home Remedies for Ulcers

Here is a list of 6 most effective home remedies, which a person suffering from ulcers can try:

Cayenne Pepper

It might sound incredible but cayenne pepper is quite helpful for ulcers. It has been claimed in a recent research that the presence of a compound named capsaicin stops the flow of acidic element, and increase the alkaline content inside the body. It also leads to mucus secretion. All these heal and prevent ulcer. Therefore, you can use cayenne pepper to get rid of ulcer.


Did you know cabbage can be used as a remedy for ulcers? It contains fiber which leads to decreased secretion of acids in the stomach which helps in preventing ulcer, and even healing it.


Foods that are rich in flavonoids, which are sometimes called bioflavonoids, can also be good home remedy for curing ulcer. It is present in good quantity in soya bean, broccoli, legumes, apples, even teas, especially in green teas. But, citrus flavonoids are not to be used for this purpose, because they tend to make ulcers worse due to their acidic property. Red wines and citrus fruits are thus not your best bets when you want to heal ulcer.


It is generally believed that for treatment of stomach ulcers, bananas of both ripe and unripe variety are very effective. The stomach ulcer is often caused by a bacterium named H. pylori. The bananas have certain antibacterial properties that lead to the prevention of its growth. Moreover, they also remove the acidic substance from gastric juice. Therefore they are extremely beneficial for people suffering from ulcers.


Probiotics are also very good for fighting with ulcers. Probiotics are found in a great quantity in buttermilk, kimchi, yoghurt etc. They are basically the yeast and bacteria which help your stomach function better.


Another natural remedy to heal ulcer is coconut. It has antibacterial qualities that help the body fight with the ulcer causing elements effectively. Also, both coconut water and coconut milk contain properties that are essentially anti ulcer. Thus, water from tender coconut or coconut milk, if consumed daily, will in a short period help in reducing the ulcers.

These are some common home remedies that can be used for curing or prevention of ulcers. However, it is better to also consult your doctor so that you can use medications as and when necessary.

HWC Team

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