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New Breast Cancer Drug may Combat other Cancers

Cancer Drug
HWC Team
January02/ 2016

A latest research has found a new breast cancer drug, Palbociclib, may fight other types of cancer tumors.

Palbociclib, an oral drug, which has proved to fight breast cancer, can also fight other types of cancers when combined with endocrine therapy. Palbociclib works by targeting rapidly dividing tumor cells.

Research conducted by the experts of the University of Pennsylvania has found that the mechanism may affect other tumor cells. The findings suggest that the drug may work against melanoma skin cancer, esophageal cancer and lymphoma.

Dr. Amy S. Clark, lead researcher, said that all living cells undergo cell division and palbociclib’s can stop the cell division process. Making palbociclib work with other anti-cancer therapies such as endocrine therapy, chemotherapy, and targeted therapy can create a powerful effect on various cancers.

Palbociclib is one of the new medications that will identify and attack cancer cells more accurately while not effecting normal cells.

Experts opined that the drug has minor effect on normal cells excluding neutrophils (white blood cells). The drug can shrink or obstruct the growth of cancer cells in tumors.

The conclusions are based on the assessment of 130 studies and penn’s research.

HWC Team

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