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Simple Steps to Prevent Yeast Infection

simple steps to prevent yeast infection
HWC Team
November13/ 2015

Yeast, scientifically known as Candida is a fungus that can thrive almost everywhere in your body. It depends on how strong your immune system is to fight back the yeast infection. Yeast infections can affect different parts of the body in various ways – in the mouth it can cause painful white patches known as oral thrush, in the esophagus the infection makes it difficult for you to swallow food, vaginal yeast infection is the commonest of all that cause immense pain, itching and discharge, yeast infection on the skin causes rashes and when this infection enters your blood stream it can even be fatal.

For treatment, the first option is antifungal medicines. Yeast infection cannot always be avoided though there are simple ways of preventing it and below given is the list of the same.

Good Hygiene

Practicing good hygiene and personal care can prevent yeast infection to a great extent. Here is how you can go about it:

Wash Well

Since vaginal yeast infection is more common, keep your vagina clean by washing it as this would prevent the infection. Make sure to clean the inside walls of the vagina while bathing as that is where yeast is likely to grow. For other types of yeast infection as well, washing the affected area and keeping it free from the breeding of the yeast is the first concern.

Keep Dry

Yeast thrives well in moisture and so it is important to thoroughly dry you skin and also the internal parts of the vagina and the surrounding areas after a shower.

Right Wearable

The things you wear and the way you wear your clothes can increase the chances of yeast infection. Keep below given tips in mind to prevent yeast infection:

Wear Natural

It is best to wear cotton and silk as these fabrics absorb moisture and this holds true for your underwear as well. Avoid wearing synthetic materials like nylon as these do not absorb any moisture and thus encourages yeast development.

Change Clothes

Do not sit or roam around with wet clothes or sweaty clothes and change to dry clothes as soon as possible.

Avoid Tight Clothes

Leggings, pantyhose and tights leads to build of heat and sweat in the crotch area and this can lead to development of yeasts. Wear lose and flowing pyjamas while sleeping. Try and sleep without your underwear to keep your genital area dry. All these keep yeast growth in check.

Avoid Unnecessary Cosmetics

There are certain cosmetic products that are known to encourage the growth of infection.

Feminine Sprays, Bubble Bath, Scented Soaps should be Avoided

Some perfumes can irritate your skin and also the sensitive skin inside the vagina. Scented tampons, sanitary napkins, coloured toilet paper can also cause irritation and increase the chance of yeast infection.

Limit the Heat

Yeasts love heat and would thrive well if you are into taking long warm baths. Thus, lukewarm baths should be limited and cold showers should be preferred whenever possible.

Avoid Douching

Douching means washing inside of the vagina with a liquid to destroy the microorganisms present inside. It is true that by doing so you will get rid of the yeasts if present but at the same time it would also eliminate the good bacteria that help in keeping the growth of yeast under control.

These are some of the ways by which you can prevent yeast infection. Getting sufficient sleep is also important as this boosts your immune system and that in turn help control yeast infection. Taking good care of yourself and your health would prevent all kinds of infections including yeast.

HWC Team

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