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Risks Factors of Skin Cancer you Probably Don’t Know

Risks factors of skin cancer you probably dont know
HWC Team
July22/ 2015

Here are the few surprising facts that let you know protecting yourself from skin cancer while going out in the blazing sun.

Reapplying SPF ensures that you will be safe even if you are in the shade. Suncare advisor Clare O’Connor stated that ultraviolent rays hit us either directly or by bouncing off a surface. Hence, sunscreen reapplication is mandatory.

Burning makes skin vulnerable to cancer in the long term but the area is more likely to burn against in the shorter term. Clare stated that the skin remembers being burnt and is more sensitized to sun exposure in the future. Most probably skin turns into patchy color in the sun instead of developing tan.

If you are habituated to read or browse the internet on a smartphone or tablet in the hot sun, then you need to wear sunglasses. UV light bounces off the screen into eyes that are more prone to sun damage.

Melanoma does not appear as it looks. Few cancer pictures are seen as blackened, gnarly moles. Dr Jennifer Jones, a dermatologist, said that few melanomas do not contain any pigment and looks like a fleshy nodule. So, he always recommends people to get any skin changes checked. If you get a new mole, lesion or lump, then there’s a spot that isn’t healing or if a mole is growing, bleeding, itching or changing in color.

HWC Team

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