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Top 10 Symptoms and Warning Signs of Depression

top 10 symptoms and warning signs of depression
HWC Team
April15/ 2016

Every person faces ups and downs in their daily life, and everyone feels sad from time to time. But if you feel sad always, sadness has taken hold of your life and it just won’t go away, you might have an illness called depression. It slowly starts affecting your daily life routine and you start to feel that life isn’t worth living. Being depressed, you won’t be able to enjoy life at all. But like every other disease and illness, this can be cured as well. If symptoms, signs and causes of depression are understood early; you can easily overcome the problem.

What Exactly is Depression?

Unhappiness or downswings in mood are very normal due to setbacks, struggles and disappointments in daily life. Many people think this is depression, but it isn’t. Depression includes sadness, but it isn’t just sadness.

Some people have said that depression is like living in a black hole. But some depressed people don’t feel sad at all. They may feel empty, lifeless, and apathetic. Men are known to feel angrier, aggressive and restless in depression.
Symptoms of depression might be similar to sadness, but depression engulfs your day to day life, it interferes with your ability to work, eat, study, sleep, and having fun.

Common Symptoms and Signs of Depression

Depression differs from person to person but there are some common symptoms and signs of depression. Some of the symptoms are very common in daily life. What makes them a part of depression is their intensity and duration. The longer they last, the more chances of you suffering from depression. Some of the common symptoms and warning signs of depression are:

Helplessness and Hopelessness

Feeling hopeless, helpless and thinking that nothing will ever get better and you aren’t capable of anything to do.

No Interest in Daily Activities

Any interest in social activities, hobbies, pastimes or sex is lost. You feel like you’ve just lost the ability to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Change in Weight and Appetite

A sudden loss or gain in weight and being hungry all the time or no hunger for food at all.

Change in Sleep

You could be having insomnia (inability to sleep) or waking early in the morning, or hypersomnia (oversleeping).

Irritation or Anger

If you are feeling restless, agitated or even violent, this is a symptom of depression. Your tolerance level will get very low, you will have a short temper, and you will like everybody is stepping on your nerves.

Unexplained Aches and Pain

Aches and pain all over the body, which won’t get better with either treatment or time.

Loss of Energy

Feeling physically drained, fatigued or sluggish. You may feel heaviness in your body and even a small task may feel exhausting to you or might take much longer to complete.


Strong feelings of guilt or unworthiness. You could criticize yourself harshly for even little mistakes and faults.

Recklessness in Behaviour

You might engage in escaping behaviour such as compulsive gambling, substance abuse, reckless driving or dangerous sports.

Interest in Death or Suicide

You might start having thoughts of killing yourself. You will talk about suicides all the time. This is the most dangerous symptom of depression.

If you feel above-mentioned symptoms in yourself or in someone you know, immediate medical and psychological attention is advised.

HWC Team

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