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Tattoo, Body Piercing can Cause Hepatitis

HWC Team
July28/ 2015

Tattoo or body piercing may make you look great among your peers but it may result in hepatitis B and C virus infection.

Experts caution people by saying think before you ink!

Usually, Hepatitis virus is contracted through contact with blood and other body fluids of an infected person. Mostly, unsterile needles are a major cause of getting the virus. Hence, the needles used by tattoo and piercing artists, if not sterilized properly can put the customer at the risk of contracting the virus.

Doctors stated that the symptoms of hepatitis are not noticeable and leads to delayed detection in many cases.

In some cases, if hepatitis is detected in a patient, then other family members may carry the infection too, said Gastrocare senior gastroentologist D Sanjay Kumar while addressing a press conference. He added that unsafe pricking or piercing can result in hepatitis infection.

Sources of health department stated that increase in tattoo shops are raising concerns over the lack of safety rules. And, they specified that none of the tattoo parlours are registered in the state capital.

Tattooing shops should follow medical infection control practices and universal work precautions.

HWC Team

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