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7 Ideal Ways to Get Rid of Cold Naturally

7 ideal ways to get rid of cold naturally
HWC Team
June30/ 2015

With winter season just round the corner, cold is the most common problem that is being experienced by people of all age groups. When we are exposed to various environments and seasons, we may probably catch cold. However, the degree to which we are impacted depends on our immune system.

Boosting immune system through natural nutrition, regular exercise, and regular sleep is the first step to prevent viruses from entering the body. People with strong immune system will live years together without catching cold or flu. There are no certain cures for colds and flu. So, prevention of these should be your end goal. An ideal way to prevent cold and flu is to live healthy life.

Preventing Cold Naturally

The following are the few tips that help you prevent cold and flu’s naturally:

Stay Hydrated

Good hydration levels should be maintained in the body to keep the nose moist. For this, you need to drink plenty of fluids and should balance electrolytes in your body. Chicken soup is the best way to stay hydrated and to get electrolytes.

Hot Showers

While taking hot shower, place your head under the steam in such a way that you can slowly inhale steam. You can inhale water vapor, which will moisten your nasal passages.


Eating foods containing healthy carbohydrates such as natural grains, whole breads and pasta is a good way to boost our metabolism, which in turn helps immune system to fight viruses. Carbohydrates also work best to warm up the body internally and prevent the body from becoming chilled.

Moderate Exercise

Moderate exercises like walk boosts your metabolism and immune system. A walk in humid conditions is preferable to help moisten your nasal passages. A recent study revealed that moderate-intensity exercise reduces cold and respiratory illness and severity.

Avoid Refined Sugars, Salty, Spicy Foods & Caffeine

Caffeine dehydrates the body. Salty and spicy foods also speed up the body’s system resulting in dehydration. Hence, it is better to take these foods in moderate level instead of going for large quantities. Refined sugars do not contain any nutrition and has no calories present in it. Therefore, try to avoid these foods to prevent catching cold.

Vitamin C & Zinc

Vitamin C & Zinc helps in boosting the immune system and fights against viruses carrying cold. Zinc reduces the duration and severity of common cold in healthy people. When Zinc is taken for at least five months, it reduces cold incidence. Natural food sources of Zinc include eggs, chicken, garlic, oysters, beef, and dairy products.

Here’s a list of natural foods sources of Vitamin C:

Vitamin C food sources Serving
Grapefruit 1/2 medium size
Orange 1/2 medium size
Mango 1/2 medium size
Papaya 1/4 medium size
Cantaloupe Melon Small size
Honeydew Melon 1/8 small size
Strawberries 8
Blackberries/Raspberries 15
kiwi ½ medium size
Juice Serving
Grapefruit 15 ml
Orange 15 ml
Fortified juice 2 tsp
Lemon 60 ml
Tomato 180 ml
Vegetable 115 ml
Vegetables Serving
Peppers (red, Orange, yellow) ¼ medium size
Broccoli (raw/cooked) 1 serving
Tomato 1 medium size
Cauliflower 1 serving
Kale (cooked) 1 serving
Spinach (raw/cooked) 1 serving
Romaine lettuce 1 serving
Red cabbage 1 serving
Sweet potato (in skin) 1 medium size


Proper rest and adequate sleep will help build your immune system. Extra rest when you begin to feel cold will help immune system to fight off the cold.

HWC Team

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