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Why People Are Diabetic?

why people are diabetic
HWC Team
March04/ 2016

Diabetes is a complex condition, plaguing a huge majority of the world’s inhabitants. People who are diabetic have a high level of blood glucose and the condition is hence also referred to as hyperglycemia or high blood sugar. Actually, diabetes is a metabolic disorder which causes the carbohydrates to broken down into glucose.

Glucose is the form of sugar which enters the bloodstream and from there is absorbed by the body and used as an energy source. The absorption is facilitated by insulin. Now, when the body does not produce enough insulin to absorb all of the glucose, diabetes is developed.

To clarify why people are diabetic listed below are a list of the causes. The causes are diverse and complex:

Genetic Causes/ Genetic Susceptibility

One of the leading causes of people developing diabetes is their genetic susceptibility. The genes that an individual is born with are obviously passed on by their parents. Now genes are the carriers of instruction regarding the body’s cell function. It is hence believed that interactions between genes and the genes itself do influence an individual’s diabetes susceptibility. All in all, an individual who has parents or siblings with diabetes is also more susceptible to developing diabetes.

Insulin Resistance

People who are obese or are overweight have a lot of abdominal fat. As a result their body muscles, the fat and the liver cells are stop responding to the insulin production comparatively, poorly. The pancreas in such cases is hence forced to produce more of insulin. But there is a limit to how much insulin the beta cells can produce. When the insulin production is not enough, the glucose level rises and people become diabetic.

Physical Inactivity and Overweight/ Obesity

Another very common reason as to why people are diabetic is- they have a sedentary lifestyle and/ or are obese/ overweight. The mismatch between the amount of calories you consume and the physical inactivity lead to obesity. And this as mentioned above is a cause of diabetes. The most common type of diabetes that this causes is type -2 diabetes.

Beta Cells- Autoimmune Destruction

The destruction of the beta cells is the type-1 diabetes in individuals. What happens is the T- cell, a type of white blood cells, attack the beta cells and destroy them. As the beta cells are destroyed the insulin production diminishes and the individual needs the support of external insulin. The symptoms of diabetes do not show for quite some time after the process of beta cells destruction has begun.

How to Treat Diabetes

There are many ways to treat diabetes. One of the most common and essential part of getting treated for diabetes is taking the right medication from a practicing medical professional. There are some other things that can be done to counter diabetes. They are:

  • Engaging in some physical activity.
  • Eating right amount and kind of food; at the right time. As per experts, people who are diabetic must have meals at regular intervals.
  • Some people with very high levels of blood sugar may also need to get insulin injections to make for the insulin shortage in their system.

HWC Team

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