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Are you Exercising and Still Gaining Weight? Here is Why!

are you exercising and still gaining weight here is why!
HWC Team
April21/ 2016

Are you fed up of exercising and sweating yourself but still not seeing a slightest difference in the weighing scale? If yes, do not worry as it is a very common phenomenon for a lot of people. Exercise in indeed helpful in losing weight but there are some factors which block the procedure of weight loss due to exercise. Below given are the factors which would tell you why this has been happening to you all this while.

Increase in Physical Capacity

Usually your calorie intake is 500 to 1000 calories higher than the required amount. When you exercise, the calories are burnt, but still, if you do not control your diet, exercising would not really help as the calories will keep on increasing. Hence, the control should be balanced.

The Amount of Exercise

If you think that exercising for 15 minutes every day is going to help, it is not really going to happen. You should exercise according to the amount of weight you need to lose. It should not be convenient, but should be a little hectic to the body so that weight loss is stimulated.

Glycogen Storage

The glycogen storage is done in muscles but is also stored in the liver. Glycogen comes from Glucose which comes from consuming carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are converted to glucose in the body and then the glucose later enters the bloodstreams and the extra is nothing but contribution to weight gain. Hence, not only you need to control on calories, but also control on excessive consumption of carbohydrates.

Water Weight and Fat are not the Same

If you think that your weight gain is only due to excessive fat consumption, you are wrong. You can also have water weight in your body which is considered as good weight. It is a promoter of energy needed for exercise and water would also keep your body cells hydrated. Hence, you need to understand the weight required for your body according to your height and health factors.

Understand the Real Cause for your Weight

Visit a dietician and analyze your food habits. Based on that, you would come to know which food or nutrient is exactly causing your weight to increase even after exercising. Find it out and control the intake of that particular nutrient so that you can promote weight loss after exercising. Plan your daily diet during the course of the exercise according to your weight loss targets.

Do the Right Exercise

Find out which part of your body is overweight. For example, some people have a normal upper body and fat lower body or vice versa. Some people have fats concentrated on their arms, thighs or any other body parts. Hence, find it out and exercise according to reducing the fat on that body part. This will help you lose weight by exercising right.

So look out for the above reasons, exercise regularly and have a healthy and balanced diet to have weight loss.

HWC Team

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