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5 Best Yet Simple Yoga Poses you can do at Your Desk

yoga poses at work place
HWC Team
September15/ 2015

Yoga is an art of practicing physical, mental and spiritual senses to gain peace and relaxation. Yoga not only keeps you fit but also gives you healthy, peaceful and serene moments. Though it was originated in Pre-Vedic Indian traditions, its popularity has widely spread across the western nations as well.

Though majority of yoga poses needs proper space and area to practice,  there are some poses that can be easily done at your desk at workplace. Given below are some of the yoga poses that you can perform at your workplace and which will help you to remain energetic throughout the day.

1. Backward Stretching

This is the easiest yoga pose that would help you calm down your tiredness. Bring your arms behind your back and clasp your fists. Slowly try to lift your arms as high as you can. Hold this posture for about 45 seconds and slowly come to the relaxation mode. This will help with your back ache problem and will relax you.

2. Wide Opened Shoulder Stretch

While you are sitting at your desk, push back your chair to your arm length. Keep the distance between your chair and the desk such that your arms and the shoulders are widely stretched. Now bend your head forward in between your arms and hold this pose for about 15 seconds. This yoga pose will give you an instant relief from shoulder pain and typing tiredness at your desk.

3. Wrist Upliftment

It is obvious that hours of typing can give a toll to your wrists and forearms. While you are at your desk, take a moment to relax your wrist by bending and rotating it in each direction. Stretch your fingers widely and with other hand press the fingertips backward. Repeat this for 4-5 times. Also, shake your hands rapidly up and down and side to side.

4. Twisting and Turning While Seated

While sitting at your chair, straighten up your spine with hands on your armrest. Take deep breath and inhale and exhale for 5-7 times. Now bend or twist to one side, from your abdomen region and breathe at this pose for some seconds. Now repeat the procedure at the other side of the chair. This would help both in relieving back ache problems and maintaining your digestion tracts.

5. Armstretch

When you are just too tired of sitting and gazing at your work desk for hours, just wide open your arms and reach all the way up to the ceiling! Inhale and exhale and hold the pose for 15-seconds. Now slowly bring back your arms and release them to your sides. This yoga pose will give relief from tiredness and will give you some energizing moments.

Try the above mentioned yoga poses to feel fresh, boosted up and active in the middle of your hectic working hours. Not to mention, these poses will not interrupt any of your fellow colleagues as well.

HWC Team

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