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5 Most Common Exercising Mistakes you Should Avoid

common exercising mistakes that one must avoid
HWC Team
June30/ 2015

No matter how conscious about your fitness and health you are and no matter how much time you spend in the gym each week, there are bound to be some mistakes that you may be making when it comes to exercising.  Some exercise mistakes may be small and may not show major impact on your overall workout but few may cause injury or prove to be harmful, if not corrected on time. This is why we have come up with the list of the most common exercise mistakes that one must avoid:

1. Wasting Time on the Treadmill

Most people go to the gym, get on the treadmill and end up talking on the phone or watching TV while walking at a slow pace. No matter how much time you spend on this machine doing the same, it won’t benefit you. The best way you can  avoid doing  this mistake is by challenging yourself through  increasing the speed and incline and switching off all other distractions.  Infact, if you are interested in cardio, you must give a break to the treadmill and opt for other cardio workouts like elliptical or Stairmaster etc.

2. Taking too much Rest in between Sets

A lot of people take the liberty of taking too much rest in between two sets. They may waste their time by either chatting or being engrossed in their phones but this is a big mistake.  The break in between sets is to allow the muscles to recover and not to rest.  Don’t get carried away and keep your focus intact.

3. Skipping the Warm up

A lot of fitness enthusiasts and others opt to skip the warm up and enter straight into their exercising session but this is another common mistake that must be avoided.  This is not only unhealthy but can also lead to injury since the muscles do not get time to ready themselves up.  Try to opt for a dynamic workout including some light cardio moves. Spend a little time doing warm up and only then begin with the main exercises.

4. Wasting too much Time on Isolated Exercises

While doing small and isolated muscle groups are not wrong but wasting too much time on it could be a mistake. Doing such a thing may not impact your fitness levels or calorie burn as much and it is a better idea to move onto something else which is more beneficial.

5. Back Bending

When picking up or putting down weights, some of us have a habit of bending over while they are hunched. This activity can put a lot of undue stress on lower back as well as the upper back muscles. This must be avoided because this could lead to an injury or may cause some kind of muscle imbalance. Also, this must especially not be done by those who have desk jobs and spend most of their day time sitting in one position  because sitting for long periods of time can lead to relaxed and weak back muscles.

HWC Team

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