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Fun Ways to Get Fit without a Gym

Fun ways to get fit without a gym
Dr. Monika Bhanushali
Dr. Monika Bhanushali
March04/ 2016

We see so many life style disorders erupting from right and left where ever we go. Hypertension, diabetes, stress and obesity are the major emerging health problems of 21st century.  They are called as life style disorders as they arise because of the increased demands on resources of the body for day to day activities. The lives of everyone have become really hectic. The reasons include increased work pressure, hay wire food habits and lack of exercise to name a few.

Everyone wants to get fit and live a long healthy life. Exercise is very necessary in order to do that. And now a day, many of us opt for gym to exercise and try to stay fit.

But are you not finding enough time for gym, find it too expensive or don’t like the tedious routine exercises of the gym??

Here are few fun ways to get and stay fit without going to the gym:

Brisk Walking

Walking at a faster rate than usual; helps in burning the calories and keeps your blood pumping. Change into your work outfit, Put on some upbeat music in your smart phone, put the headphones in your ears and get set go!! Do it 45 minutes. 45 minutes of walking at a faster rate helps in losing the excess fat. Also try walking as a primary method of transport. Try walking to places nearby. You can also walk yours or someone else’s dog!!


Put on your sport shoes and go running around your block!! Running is a very good exercise to get into a good shape. Sign up for a marathon and start training daily!! Run daily and you will see the results in a short span of time!! Your breathing is enhanced. Your concentration span increases. And you feel alive!!


If you are not too fond of outdoor activities, yoga is a great option to stay fit. All the investment you need is a yoga mat and floor space. Many yoga videos are available online. You can follow the basic from “pranayama” to various “asanas”. The various poses of yoga are depicted in these videos. Be careful and very technical while doing them. Put on some soothing music and get it on!!


Dancing is a very joyful form of exercise. Dancing forms like zumba, tango or swing dancing are quite popular as they contain lot of movements and stretching elements.

Dancing also releases happy hormones in your brain, research states. Hence, dancing is quite the exercise for physical as well as mental fitness.


A wonderful alternative to gym is going for a swim. Swimming everyday for 30 minutes is enough to stay fit. Swimming tones the muscles of the body. Swimming also lowers cholesterol and improves digestion. Swimming is an ideal exercise for people suffering from any physical injury or asthma and arthritis.


Use a bicycle instead of car or motor bike to commute to the work.  Cycling is a very good form of exercise. It also sharpens your attention span, lowers your blood pressure and makes you lose weight. 30 minutes of cycling everyday reduces the risk of heart diseases by 35%, research says. It helps in reducing risk of depression and enhances positive mood.

Outdoor Sports

Participating in outdoor sports like basketball, football, soft ball etc. is a smart option for exercise. Play a sport that you like and find exciting. If you enjoy it, extra motivation is not required to keep the commitment. It also builds team work and efforts.

Trekking/ Hiking

Go on a trekking trip every other weekend. Get in touch with the nature and enjoy the outdoors. Breathe in the clean air. It all leads to increased cardio vascular efficiency. Hiking gives an atmosphere for exercise which is relaxing and stress less. It definitely provides a good break from the daily routine stressors.

House Hold Chores

Tired of doing all routine exercises to try to stay fit?? Here is an off bit but practical solution. Do your household chores!! Sweep and mop your floor. Wash clothes with your hands. Scrub the tub. Vacuum the house. Etc. You kill two birds in one stone this way. The work gets done and your body gets enough exercise for that particular day.

A Good Diet Plan

A balanced diet makes 80% of your plan to stay fit. Having a lot of green veggies, adequate fibre in your diet is a must. Drink a lot of water. Avoid sweets and bakery products. Smoking and alcohol should be strictly avoided. Get a good night’s sleep. A solid 6-8 hrs uninterrupted restful sleep makes wonders with your health.

These all are wonderful alternatives to routine gym exercises which are easy and at the same time fun to do!!

Dr. Monika Bhanushali
Dr. Monika Bhanushali

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